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So Whats going on with all these DDOS Attacks?

Update:  Tor market Databse leaked by Dread Pirate Roberts Seems that for the past week all the darknet markets have been under a massive DDOS attacks,  crippling all their services ,  this seems to affecting almost all the TOR marketplaces – There are some big question behind these recent attacks: Is this a war between the new markets?  (been suggested ... Read More »

Hidden Marketplaces List Updates: 12-12-13

This is the changelog of the list: – moved sheep to dead markets – moved BMR to dead markets – removed deepbay -updated themarketplace url – Removed “BuyitNow” completley. – Added TorMarket Forum URL – added Three Hares Bazaar – Added Mr. Underground – added FloMarket – added Blue Sky Marketplace – Added Agora marketplace You Can Check out the ... Read More »

Ross Ulbricht’s mother plea on Facebook and CrowdTilt

This was posted by Ross Mother on hes old Facebook page: As we have previously reported, the family of Ross Ulbricht (The Alleged “Dread Pirate Roberts” Founder of Silk Road) made a press release with a plea to donate for hes legal funds also creating a Crowdit Project. Read our previous news on this subject including the Press Release – ... Read More »

A Dread Pirate Christmas

A guest post from Raoul Duke – the future editor of the Silk Road Courier: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Even for the community of Silk Road (the underground marketplace made famous mostly for the wide array of narcotics, which are listed ‘Ebay style’ and available for home delivery). But contrary to images you may have been ... Read More »

Black Market Reloaded Hacked – Around $200,000 Stolen

Like we didnt had enough with all the recent Sheep Scam Mess & the upcoming Black Market Reloaded Shutdown, Now it appears that just before the shutdown – BMR was hacked by a user called “EinTopfVollGold” and and unknown amount of Bitcoins were stolen from the site (Estimated around 200 Bitcoins),  The hack was reported on the BMR forums by ... Read More »

The Future of Cyberspace Anonymity

In its simplest concept, anonymity is a form of protection from the possibility of retribution or retaliation.  While major government powers and corporations see anonymity as a threat (often arguing that anonymity only serves to protect criminals), it has shielded political activists, journalists, and even investigators.  Anonymity is a tool –a tool that can be utilized for both wholesome and ... Read More »

Uncle Scam: Czech Owner of Sheep Marketplace Working With the FBI?

Who benefited from one of the largest bitcoin heists in history?  ‘Benefit’ is an interesting word – simply because a benefit doesn’t necessarily mean a payoff in the form of currency.  Perhaps, the payoff can come in the form of a successful operation, a mission accomplished. Let us go on an adventure into an intriguing theory, based off what recent ... Read More »

BMR Is Shutting Down!

Update:  Apparently ealingly the shutdown is planned only as a “temporary measure”  in order to build the site back again from scratch – and come back stronger in a couple of months.  still this move is quite shocking and im sure there is more than what we can see at this point After all the worldwide mess around Silk road,  ... Read More »

Sheep Is now Officially Down!

Well That Seals the deal, if you try to browse sheep now you will see following message: Let us remind you that we have recently published a claim from one of the Sheep old moderator warning that the same owner is planning a second scam – so we urge you to think twice before trusting another marketplace, especially those who ... Read More »

SheepMarketplace Owner Planning a Second Scam?

The former Sheep Marketplace moderator “TheSheppard”  Made a post on the SR 2.0 Forums stating he had nothing to do with the scam and revealing that he have some inside info about the Sheep Marketplace owner Running a Second Marketplace  and planning to run another scam, that of course if he is not the person who was Doxxed yesterday because ... Read More »

Sheep Marketplace Owner just Got Doxxed?!

Update:  Yes. Its very likely that he has been Doxxed… and hes identity is already known to the FBI – Read the details Here –  Was Originally posted by Gwern (Gwern.net) On Sr2 forums. Following the sheep marketplace scam – Is the owner of sheep Marketplace just got Doxxed?! – we have copied the post on reddit just a second ... Read More »

Sheep Marketplace Scam: Over 40,000,000$ in the Biggest Darknet Scam Ever!

Tl;DR: Sheep Marketplace disabled withdrawals, but allowed deposits for the past 10 days or so. They have now disabled the forums after deleting posts related to the inability to withdraw and all this just to start moving the bitcoins from the marketplace to another location (BlockChain Link –  Explanation below) * 1/12/13 Update: Sheep Marketpace is now officially Down – ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency Crunch: World Regulators To Control All Digital Currency?

At the time that these words are flowing from this keyboard, the bitcoin (BTC) has hit $839.48.  Simply put, the BTC is perhaps one of the most volatile investments known to man.  In the last few weeks, we have seen the good, winning-lottery-ticket-kind of volatility, but in the coming weeks, it could be bad, taking-prozac-because-I-just-lost-the-kids-college-tuition-fund-kind of volatility.  That said, the ... Read More »

Point For Safe Shipping

An interesting thread that was posted on reddit today:  http://www.reddit.com/r/SilkRoad/comments/1rhq7z/safe_shippingwhat_is_it/ Following a great AMA thread with a postal worker: http://www.reddit.com/r/reloaded/comments/1rdgb0?sort=hot I would take these adivices with a grain of Salt but its a great sum up of the information thats been floating around this topic on the forums: ===== This is based off extensive research of FBI, DEA and Customs ... Read More »