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65 Million Tumblr Passwords for Sale on TheRealDeal

In the last few weeks there have been releases of some very high profile database breaches, linkedin, myspace and now tumblr. All of these sites have been hit with hacks, and resulted in massive data breaches, yet these hacks are only now coming to the surface. Tumblr has now confirmed it was hacked in a data breach from 2013, which ... Read More »

2 Florida Men Tied To the Sheep Marketplace Hack & Exit Scam

According to Forbes, The U.S. government has seized $4.5 million from two Florida men who allegedly stole 5,400 bitcoins from illegal online drug sales site Sheep Marketplace in late 2013, shortly before the price of bitcoin hit its peak of around $1,200, according to forfeiture documents filed last week in Jacksonville, Florida. The money was forfeited back in the spring of 2014, ... Read More »

Police Say Fentanyl Bust Has Ties To Dark Net

A major fentanyl distribution operation was busted up on Thursday in Connecticut. The operation is believed to have ties to the Dark Net. Connecticut police arrested nine people and took 2 ½ kilos of fentanyl, two kilos of MDMA, 50,000 counterfeit Xanax pills, 40 pounds of marijuana, two guns, and $500,000 in cold hard cash. Ongoing investigations have led police ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Round Up May 29 2016

This week’s overview of cryptocurrency news and developments throughout the world. NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Bitcoin Halving Imminent Coming up in about 42 days, the ever-popular cryptocurrency will be cutting its yield from mining by 50%. As part of the bitcoin procedure, the reward for mining the digital halves after each time exactly 210,000 blocks are mined. Because of this, miners will ... Read More »

Former head of France’s drug war implicated in trafficking

The former head of France’s anti-drug agency OCRTIS has been accused of involvement with marijuana traffickers, according to the French newspaper Libération. OCRTIS is charged with directing police and customs. François Thierry is accused of having let tens of tons of cannabis enter France over the past few years. He is also accused of having recruited some of the biggest ... Read More »

Request for Info from the Veterans Affairs Asks for Dark Net Help

Tor was one of the main focuses at the Inside Dark Web conference and in case you didn’t attend, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani wrote a blog about it. Tehrani pointed out that in the face of IT security at enterprises and governments have questions the dark net and its ability to make its users anonymous. The US Department of Veterans ... Read More »

Hacker Robs Bank for 25 BTC and Donates to the Fight Against ISIS

A hacker known only as Phineas Fisher tweeted about his recent donation of 25 bitcoins to a crowdfunding account set up by members of the Rojava region in Syria. Fisher described this cause as one of the most inspirational revolutionary projects in the world today. Fisher has said that the bitcoin donation, which by the way is listed publicly on ... Read More »

Judge Denies Mozilla’s Request For FBI To Come Clean

Mozilla’s bid to disclose its vulnerability was rejected by a US judge. US district court judge Robert Bryan in Tacoma, Washington. Before Mozilla requested anything, Bryan told prosecutors to give information on the flaw in the Tor browser the FBI used to track Michaud’s whereabouts. The Justice Department asked Bryan to reconsider, saying it was due to a national security ... Read More »

Unsealed Documents Tell More Details About The PlayPen Case

As an earlier report on Motherboard by Joseph Cox points out, sometimes it doesnt always take sophisticated malware and programs to identify criminals on dark net. “Due to a misconfiguration of the server hosting the TARGET WEBSITE(Playpen), the TARGET WEBSITE was available for access on the regular Internet to users who knew the true IP address of the server,” the ... Read More »

First Literary Magazine Of The Dark Web Released

When people think about the dark web, they always associate it with drugs, child porn, weapons, hackers and other illegal activities. However, The Torist just made its debut on the dark web, which makes it the first literary magazine on the dark net. ”G.M.H.”, the anonymous co-founder of The Torist, wrote in an email to the media: “There’s no reason ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Round Up May 22 2016

This week’s aggregated bitcoin news on bitcoin from across the web CRYPTO EXCHANGES Coinbase Rebrands, adds Trading Support for Ether Licensed Bitcoin exchange Coinbase, this week announced support for trading Ether, the cryptocurrency that fuels Ethereum, as from May 24. Coindesk reported the Goldman Sachs backed exchange is also rebranding its logo and name, according to a spokesman, Adam White ... Read More »

Liberty Reserve Founder Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Arthur Budovsky (42), the creator of Liberty Reserve, a virtual currency before Bitcoin got into the game, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. According to the US government, the whole project of Budovsky was a $6 billion money-laundering operation. For 7 years, starting in 2006, anyone could use Liberty Reserve’s website to transfer money with just little oversight. ... Read More »

German TV show gets scammed trying to buy an AK47 on the DarkNet

It was supposed to be a great story about terrorism, uncertainty and the evils of the DarkNet. The title of German TV Show #Beckmann “Fear of terror – how endangered is Germany?” already gave a hint where it was heading. Channel ARD’s production aimed to scare its viewers creating an atmosphere of angst. Security experts proclaimed the amazing conclusion that it’s ... Read More »

Tor’s Co-Creator: Your Medical Records Have Bullseyes On Them

Paul Syverson, Co-creator of the Tor web browser met with journalists and tech professionals Thursday saying, “I invented the dark web.”  This meeting was part of the “Inside the Dark Web” conference. The topics of anonymized onion routing, and cybercrime on the internet. “Medical identity theft is poised to take over as the primary form of identity theft,” Syverson noted. ... Read More »