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Weekly Bitcoin Update – 12-7-14

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web The second auction of Silk Road Bitcoin by U.S. Marshals has been completed. John Biggs of TechCrunch notes that the auction consisted of 50,000 BTC. A total of eleven bidders placed bids on the cryptocurrency. This number represents a substantial decrease from the 45 bidders who placed bids in the ... Read More »

Research & News in Tor, Privacy, & Security – Nov 30th, 2014

Research Wei Yu et al. published a research paper titled “On Effectiveness of Hopping-Based Spread Spectrum Techniques for Network Forensic Traceback”. The paper analyzes efficient techniques for tracing the origin of “cyber crimes through anonymous communication networks.” The paper outlines techniques for performing traffic confirmation attacks through the use of Frequency Hopping Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Code Hopping-DSSS (CH-DSSS), ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup: 11-28-14

Covering the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web Shopping Bitcoin owners were able to use their cryptocurrency during the biggest shopping day of the year. As Chris Morris of NBC News writes, Bitcoin Black Friday is now a major online shopping event. Two years ago, 50 merchants participated in the shopping event. That number grew to 600 in ... Read More »

Global Drug Survey requests your help!

Global Drug Survey is an independent research organisation that operates the largest annual survey of drug use in the world. Run by addictions psychiatrist Dr Adam Winstock, Global Drug Survey strongly supports harm reduction and accepts that pleasure drives the majority of drug use, which for most people most of the time is not a source of distress or harm ... Read More »

Silk Road 2 Admin Blake Benthall Released From Prison?!

Update:  According to the documents on Pacer his status is ““Detention on consent without prejudice.” (agrees to stay in jail) & According to Vinelink,  he was transferred to an “Unknown location”, which explains the “released” part fom the BOP site: So he was not released, and being held in an “Unknown location”. Thanks to Reddit user World177 For confirming the ... Read More »

Research & News in Tor, Privacy, & Security – Nov 24th, 2014

Tor Browser 4.5-alpha-1 has been released, which marks the first release of the 4.5 Tor Browser series. It includes a “security slider”, which is designed to allow a user to easily edit security preferences. The security slider has four security settings: low (default), medium-low, medium-high, and high. The new “status reporting UI” allows a user to quickly see the Tor ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 24Nov. 2014

Presenting the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web. Making Purchases Not only is Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year, but will also become the biggest Bitcoin shopping day as well. Caleb Chen of CrytpoCoins News writes that merchants will be offering a variety of bitcoin discounts and bitcoin-only deals. Last year, BitPay proceeded $6 million ... Read More »

Warning: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals not working! (#3)

Update 6 – 30.11.14 – Multiple reports are claiming that the issues are fixed now! Update 5 – 29.11.14 – Agora is still experiencing significant delays in deposits, but withdrawals are now working fine. Update 4 – 26.11.14: Update from Agora posted as a reply to a PM: There has been a growing backlog of transactions as people rush to ... Read More »

Onymous: Durham Couple Indicted

As it was reported on Actionnewsnow –  a couple that were operating as cannabis vendors on silk road 2 got arrested during operation onymous: Two Durham residents have been indicted on federal drug charges, part of a crackdown on Silk Road 2.0, a series of black market websites used to facilitate drug trafficking. David Schell, 54, and Teri Schell, 59, ... Read More »

Swiss Man Arrested For Running a Known Scam Site

A bit late since it took time to get the proper translation – Lematin.ch reported a few days ago that the Swiss police executed an arrest warrant against a Swiss computer expert, at the request of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, thus taking the expert into custody. The Swiss computer expert is allegedly the administrator of a dark ... Read More »

Grams Grows with TorAds: First Advertising Network For Tor

We are proud to post a Press Release provided by Grams Admin, about another new innovation from Grams – The Dark Net markets search engine – This time – Torads: TorAds is an advertising network for both advertisers and publishers dedicated for use on hidden services behind Tor. Every TorAds user can be an advertiser and a publisher, allowing you ... Read More »

Another Marketplace Seizure Or a Scam? (Andromeda)

Update: Confirmed as scam – details at the end of the post. Today, almost 2 weeks after Operation Onymous , another dark net market suddenly shut down, displaying the “This hidden site has been seized” banner, This time, it was Andromeda market: It is not fully clear if the shut down is indeed another seizure, or if the administrators decided to do an “exit ... Read More »

OnymHoax Revealed: 153 Out of 276 Seized Domains Are Phishing/Clones

A new study was published today (November 18, 2014) by  Nik Cubrilovic , a security researcher, which found that  there are some significant differences between the data  published by the law enforcement agencies involved in Operation Onymous  and the actual numbers of the seized sites. More specifically, a large portion of the seized sites were nothing but cloned or phishing sites that resemble the actual ... Read More »

USS Marshals Auction: 50,000 BTC from Dread Pirate Roberts

The United States Marshal’s Service (USMS)  announced today  (November 17, 2014) that they will soon commence the second auction of the bitcoins seized from the original Silk Road dark net market in late 2013. This news comes few months after the first  auction , which took place in June. In the first auction, the USMS auctioned off 30,000 bitcoins that were ... Read More »