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Australian DarkWeb Pedo Site Admin Sentenced To 35 Years in Jail

Former Families Worker in South Australia, Shannon Grant McCoole (33) has pleaded guilty to a horrifying list of sex crimes against underaged children in his care and was sentenced to 35 years in jail. His crime was brutal, one of the children he molested was only 18 months old. There were even children who had autism or were disabled. He ... Read More »

East India Market Hacked – 30 BTC Gone

Its been a while since last time… But it appears that East India Company – One of the newer markets, got hacked, homepage now displays this message: East India Company is currently offline The hidden service is either under maintenance or undergoing routine migration to a new location. A Spanish merchant named laBoliviana has found an exploit and decided to ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 08 Aug.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web meXBT acquires CoinRepublic as part of its planned expansion inthe Asia-Pacific region. According to Joseph Young of Bitcoin Magazine, through the acquisition of Singapore-based CoinRepublic, the leading Mexican bitcoin exchange aims to capitalize on the established relationships with local banks and major financial institutions and expand its customer base. CoinRepublic’s ... Read More »

NZ Underworld: “Catch Us if You Can”

These are the words ringing out from three Victoria University computer science students to the New Zealand Police who are investigating their “dark web” site trading in illegal and prescription drugs. Party drugs, painkillers, and fake doctors’ scripts are for sale on this anonymous marketplace, called NZ Underworld. Started in June, and originally known as Vic Underworld…it now has a ... Read More »

Canadian Federal Police To Develop Deep Web Crawler

The Canadian Police is investing in the development of a specific software that will search and monitor the darknet for the most hidden content and services (which is, of course, highly illegal). The funding for the brand new deep web crawler is just a part of the Canadian government’s program. The funding source for the software is the Canadian Safety ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 5 Aug

Greek Stocks Tumble on 1st day Re-open Shanghai’s Stock exchange poor run was overshadowed on Monday by Greek stocks, falling 23% below open. This was the first day of trading after a 1 month hiatus over EU-drama imposed capital controls. Banks stocks shed as much as 30%, despite strict controls on short selling and more measures to quell the market. ... Read More »

Australian Man Accused Of Running An International Child Porn Ring

There have been quite some events regarding child pornography. If you can remember, there was a case when the FBI has busted a large CP website that had around 215.000 users. Also, there has been a pretty weird case on a child pornography domain where the site admin has set up a system (crowdfunding platform) that allows members to mine ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 01 Aug.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Mark Karperles, former Mt. Gox CEO, is facing charges of fraudulent system manipulation.According to Drew Cordell of Bitcoinist, Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department has charged Karperles with “fraudulently producing and using private electromagnetic records”, with the aim to manipulate the exchange’s system and inflate the balance of fake bitcoin accounts. Although ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 29 July

This week was mostly a sideways range bound trend, that didn’t break out until Friday/Saturday. Marubozu – a flat ended long candlestick is common in break outs, to force past resistances or support. What followed was a gradual trend approaching $ 300 in a series of steps – highest top at $ 298. At the time of writing this, price ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 26 Jul.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. NASDAQ is looking for further ways to expand the use of blockchain technology. As P.H. Madore of CryptoCoins News writes, following NASDAQ’s partnership with Chain for the seamless allocation of shares in private companies, NASDAQ seeks to become the first stock exchange to implement the blockchain technology at a broader ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 22 July

This week, bitcoin continued in a correction; a pullback from a strong upswing that broke out of a 6 month long flat resistance at $316, 2 weeks ago. “A market correction refers to a price decline of at least 10% of any security or market index following a temporary upswing in market prices” (around $ 284) Thrusting above this significant ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 18 Jul.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The Digital Currency Council (DCC) favors the training and certification of professionals interested in the cryptocurrency economy. According to Inside Bitcoins, the DCC has joined forces with the Chamber of Digital Commerce aiming to educate and offer training opportunities to the members of the Chamber regarding the digital currencies as ... Read More »

DNM Recap: July 17th

The last week or two had quite some happenings, here is a short recap of the most important news from the previous week / 10 days: Lethal Weapon Listings Are Prohibited From Agora Agora Market has taken action to stop all lethal weapon listings from the marketplace. The admins have posted a PGP message to the website that every user ... Read More »

Gwern: Archives of ALL Dark Net Market Released

Another important contribution from Gwern, and this time the full archives of all Dark Net Markets – From 2011 until 2015. Links to the archives are available at: Torrent IA page Writeup on Gwern.net Please consider donating to Gwern at this address: [crayon-5b625defd5cf6094774858/] From the writeup: Dark Net Markets (DNM) are online markets typically hosted as Tor hidden services providing ... Read More »