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Is Vendor “weaponsguy” On Agora Is ATF/FBI?

We won’t normally post something like that, but in this case we think that the evidence should be presented to the users so they could decide for themselves. Following the case of Hyannis Man who was Charged With Bitcoin Purchase of Firearm and Silencer on ‘Darknet’  and upon further digging into the details of the criminal complaint of the defendant ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis April 7th

Will this market crash today or tomorrow? This past week, bitcoin’s price action did not exhibit much change from last week’s price analysis. Besides an attempt to break out from a range on 6H charts, prices moved mostly sideways. $262 has been the highest price in what seems like channel breakout. However, prices are still held within a range with ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 4 Apr 2015

UBS Bank’s Bitcoin Blockchain innovation lab in London Finextra reported plans by UBS to launch an innovation lab in London’s Canary Wharf fintech accelerator. The lab, to be set up at Level39, is a break away from purely in house innovation strategies. UBS admits the present environment is ripe for Fintech innovation; the Blockchain represents this shift. The Swiss lender ... Read More »

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Market Is Now Officially Open!

Thought you have seen everything? think again! DeepDotWeb is proud to announce the most recent Dark Net Market: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Dark Net Market The market was announced simultaneously on DeepDotWeb &  on Reddit by its north Korean admin – DPRKAdmin: Hello citizens of the world. Today is a day to remember the good, huge Democratic People’s Republic ... Read More »

The First Ever r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup!

DeepDotWeb is proud to take part in publicizing the first r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup, we will donate 5 tickets to the top commenters on this site & Another 5 tickets to the top commenters in the Reddit thread, Details: Hello everyone!!! we’re so excited to present the first ever /r/DarkNetMarkets meetup! We’ll be offering free drugs, free booze, and free food. All ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis March 31st

This week the market was mostly in a correction, consolidating sideways while gradually retracing from the bottom in what I observe to be a corrective wave. The last impulsive drop from $280 and $270 exhibited a similar pattern. A 3 wave motive move to the bottom, with intermittent corrections. Retracement up from $247 to $271 was a 50% retracement – ... Read More »

PSA: 5 Reddit Accounts Subpoenaed by ICE

Important PSA to all Reddit users: by Gwern (Original thread): /r/DarkNetMarkets has received its first known LE subpoena: a request for 5 accounts’ data, including mine, related to Evolution and the supposed doxing/leaks. Recently (2015-03-25), I was alerted by Reddit that there had been a subpoena for my Reddit account information and they would be responding by 2015-03-30; this followed ... Read More »

2 Federal Agents Arrested For Stealing BTC While Investigating Silk Road

Karma is a bitch. From Justice.gov press release: Former Federal Agents Charged With Bitcoin Money Laundering and Wire Fraud Agents Were Part of Baltimore’s Silk Road Task Force Two former federal agents have been charged with wire fraud, money laundering and related offenses for stealing digital currency during their investigation of the Silk Road, an underground black market that allowed ... Read More »

Urgent PSA: Stop Doxxing Yourself!!

With the recent massive influx of traffic on this site, since Evo went down and even more since Agora is down, there is also a massive influx of people doing all they can to doxx themselves (post their own personal details) along with incriminating information like: What they ordered From which vendor From what market Their name Their address Their ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 28 Mar.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The British Banking Association (BBA) sees the bitcoin as a serious threat to the traditional banking system. Gola Yashu of NewsBtc reports that, according to the latest UK Treasury Report, Chancellor George Osborne highlighted the need to accelerate the efforts to control criminal activity with the use of digital currencies. ... Read More »

Breaking: Sheep Marketplace Owner Arrested

Better late than never, but justice has been served – According to a report in archiv.ihned.cz,  The owner of Sheep Marketplace Thomas Jiřikovský – who was responsible to one the biggest exit scam in Dark net history of around $40M at the time (when the Bitcoin value was extremely high)  was arrest for money laundering after purchasing a luxury house and ... Read More »

Can Bitwasp Make a Comeback? Maybe.

Brought to our attention by Fred Rico – Computer Engineering Graduate from Europe currently working in the computer industry, who took the project of resurrecting Bitwasp (Open source marketplace software designed to use Bitcoin which was used by several failed markets over the past year): Warning: Do NOT use any current version of Bitwasp to a live market – you ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 25 March: Is Bitcoin Headed Towards Fresh Lows?

Last week, I wrapped up my Bitcoin analysis with a forecast of a successful test and break of $ 300 resistance. Unfortunately, events unfolding after publishing catalysed a break to $260. News of Evolution’s stolen bitcoins, possibly spooked the market and gave it more reason to head lower. A meltdown that began by breaking $283 level, further going on to ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 22 Mar. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Will UK Bitcoin regulation get clearing banks on-board? Probably the most notable piece of positive bitcoin news, The UK government’s commitment to injecting $ 14.6 million into research on digital currencies. The announcement was made by the UK treasury right about the same time as the annual budget speech by ... Read More »