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Mercado Negro

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O Mercado Negro é uma iniciativa que uniu brasileiros e holandeses visando a liberdade pessoal de bens de consumo.
Desenvolvido em uma das plataformas mais seguras conceituadas do mundo, visando segurança, facilidade e usabilidade.
Usar Monero – um forma de pagamento é 100% segura e irrastreável.

perfect br market


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High prices but good products!

Market have a high prices for any products, for now is impossible buying less than 5x for most os products like LSD for example, in Brazil this amount is considere by justice system drug trafficking what’s not interesting for final consumers because increase the risk with a possible arrested, however all products in the market for now have a excellent quality, Aztec GammaGoblin Crystal and other psychedelics have the best quality I’ve ever encountered in the underground markets, vendors They are very careful with your stealth tecnics.

Brazil need more initiatives like this because domestic sellings is much more safe in south america than international shippings from Europe, Asia or Noth America for example.

Good Market, good infraestruture but have much to improve for compete with internationl black markets like Dream Market and Wall Street.

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Finally we have a Brazilian Black Market operating! <3

Just a little correction, is “Brazilian Portuguese” and don’t “Brazilian Portugese”.

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Como entro em contato?

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