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MultiSig Market, supports BTC & XMR  –  Was banned because of this incident, now listed back again and promised to avoid similar behaviour in the future.

Market is not down, check the other official links!

Says the market is down, but check the other official links at the olympus forum to find a working one


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I got free pills! NICE!

market seems new.. allot of vendors offering free stuff to promote their stores. I got my free pills + molly today! vendor is legit in my experience. already got like $40 worth of free stuff.. will get some more freebies again

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Good freebies in the forums
  • jigsawsurprise reviewed 1 month ago
  • last edited 1 month ago

Tried out the market and I like the website. easy to use.

Found in the forums free samples being given by different vendors. I ordered some free products today and I hope they come!

So far so good

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bought from ** some new purple Tomorrowland 300mg press

Great Vendor, nice site!
**** was my go to vendor back in Alphabay days and now I am back.. I am glad to see a familiar vendor here.

After I order… I browse the forums…I just saw they are also giving away Tomorrowlands for free now on the forums..


I wish I saw this earlier before I ordered damn!

Great site will use Olympus again.

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Great market with excellent support - people stop writing shit about olympus

I don’t like when a decent market with great support getting FUD.

The market is solid, the admin is reliable and vendors are great.
You can trust this market.

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Strange market

You cant trust the vendors over there, they have a dubious history, i would use an other market.

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Decent marketplace settling disputes in an honest manner

Been using olympus for 2 weeks now. Had issues with delivery of parcels but admin and vendor (eydirect) settled the dispute in a respectable way. This is a good sign. Writing this being thankful, I have big hopes for them

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Olympus is not down

If you use the alternative onions of Olympus, it is working as speedy as always.
I like it a lot !

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Canna_Crew now also selling on OLYMPUS MARKET!!

We Canna_Crew, trusted seller on dream and wallstreet are also selling our weed en hash on OLYMPUS!

See ya there ;)


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DDOSer of Dream > Stop your actions on Olympus

We all know there is a a crew of DDOser lately trying to take down each market.

Now it’s Olympus turn… it’s sad because it’s one of the best market around. THey don’t have many servrers ( XxXLinKReMoVeDYyY ) to access that’s why it’s easy to get DDOS.

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What about users of Olympus??
  • atlantisrising88 reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

I am not into the politics of whatever happened. I just want to know what to do now……I had an order placed with a reputable vendor (he is on other sites) but my payment was in escrow on Olympus.
Is there another way into my account so I can get him paid?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!

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Happygarden on Olympus Market

Hash: SHA512

This market is by far the best market I have seen.
This market will be as big as Alphabay !
Dreammarket was the number one market because there was no better option , but lets be honnest , Its a shit market , admins are gone and the support there is scamming everybody.

and then there was Olympus market

Did you see the forum its the best forum any market have on this moment , Admins and Support on Olympus is the best ever seen ,
even better than alphabay itself !

trust me I was there and I am here

this market is going to be number one for sure

today 5 april already 12.000 listings !

See you all here pEACE


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Dishonest admin doesnt pay for reviews

Admin hired me as a member of their marketing team. I was promised 50$ for 20 reviews on different forums, reddit and deepdotweb. I completed almost all of my work but unfortunately reddit banned r/darknetmarkets. It wasnt my fault, i did my job but admin refused to pay and told me to post more reviews which i refused. When i demanded my money, he banned me from their forums without replying.
I am 100% sure their payment for reviews program (which they advertize heavily on their forums ) is all fake. They never pay anyone. They are dishonest people. They scammed me for just 50$ and i m sure they will just exit scam as soon as they get decent amount of money in their wallet.
Dishonest market, dishonest admin. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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I dont understand all of this hate towrds Olympus Market, Market is very fast and slick UI.

Responsive staff, slick UI, good loading times, by counting the listings they are #2 after dream.

Very Responsive staff and support.

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No Transaction problems, pretty good amount of products and have had no problems at all on this Market.
Can’t complain!

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Paid Shill No More

Full disclosure: I’ve been paid to promote Olympus in the past will no longer accept such offers from them.

My grievances with the marker started when I placed an order with the vendor “Roxi-Killa”. 5 days after I placed the order and when it was marked shipped, I started a dispute as I was on a time limited basis and would no longer be in proximity to the drop and need an intercept if applicable. Keep in mind I had informed the vendor and support of this in the dispute. As it turns out that day was when he shipped the pack which I found out when the vendor gets back to me after initial contact (several days to get a response including multiple messages from me and support) His policy states all packages are shipped day of if accepted before a certain time if not next day. He made no attempt to intercept as it was well within his means to do so. The support prematurely closed the dispute so I could not further discuss reparations with vendor. Who of course lied to me, lied to the market. and abused mine and the market’s trust.

The staff has told me that lying about shipping dates is NOT against Olympus policy and vendors will not be penalized to do. Vendors are also not obligated to correct any problems that may occur from them doing so. This is a very chilling precedent. I’ve been told just who grieve about this in the feedback which of course is severely character limited who “admin” denies that is the case, of course he does it in broken English. “Feedback has not limitation”

Other issues with the market.

You cannot see disputes messages once it is closed (not in your favor) when a previous dispute was closed in my favor I had access to the messages. I’ve requested the dispute transcript to provide proof for this but my request was ignored by “Admin”. I will be asking again.

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Great Market Great Support

Had two dispute opened and were processed the same day and got more as I paid up.

paid just under 200 and get over 250 thank hahaha to the bitcoin high. SUPPORT IS TOP ALSO THE MARKET!

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Too many Bugs

I have been using this site for a while but there are too many bugs. Admin always promises to fix them asap but isn’t able to do so. Fixing serious bugs should be the no 1 priority of admins but i think situation here is a little different. They dont care about it. I wont be using it unless they fix the issues, till then i’ll stick to the top 3 markets.

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Great DNM

Excellent DNM with an easy to use interface. Have made 2 orders so far and both orders arrived without any dramas.

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The market is 10/10 hand down
  • icecoldpenguin reviewed 5 months ago
  • last edited 5 months ago

So been here around a weeks or so now and really have to say i am loving the vibe with everything that has gone on the fall of AB, Hansa and the exit from TR all brutal hits to the DNM community i think Olympus is going the be the new no1 that is going to bring everybody back together again like the good old AB days the Admins and Mods here are very very friendly not rude reply in a timely manner and still are although growing rapidly since the exposure on DDW and The Superlist its brilliant i have found 3 vendors that have great bud and really good stealth all orders went though swimmingly no missing coins or “Password login disabled” “Bloody Dream” let’s hope this all isn’t to good to be true and Olympus becomes the next AlphaBay or bigger. Hats of to everything the Admins have done so far.

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I like the payment they give

i actullay got 50$ form them for puting a review, its nice unlike other market that not give mony to buyers!!

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market is not safe!!

Market is run by same admins of aero. Dont trsut this market. They will be posting fake reviews on deepdotweb at daily basis. My suggestion will be to avoid it at all costs.

it alredy look like the market is up to some shits!

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great market
  • Peter-Luschtig reviewed 5 months ago
  • last edited 5 months ago

is by far one of the best markets. hope that stays that way. the market is doing a good job

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I used him in dream now officialy on olympus, great vendor good market!

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