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Is this escrow service real?


I want to buy for the first time from dark net and I requested escrow for payment, because on the site it says it’s possible to pay with it.

I’m just scared that this escrow is owned by the same person/org and it looks like they both use protonmail.com.

The link is escrowaivy7ixlo4.onion.sale

The mail I got back:

> Yes we will use escrow. But we will not use escrow’s with
> intellectual or physical property within the German or USA control.
> The chances of getting a transaction frozen are low but they exist,
> the last thing you want is getting investigated for knowingly buying
> stolen cash. Thats jail time. We will use escrow but not the same
> one you would use to sell grandma scooter. Plus clearnet escrows log
> everything, even those that say they dont. They are not going to
> jeopardize their business for you or I. No matter what they say.
> When you are ready to finish your order for the ******
> package send ****** btc to Escrow Protection. Their website is:
> escrowaivy7ixlo4.onion.sale. They have treated our customers well in the
> past. When you go to their site make sure to enter our email address
> **********.com as the seller.
> You can enter as many days in the review time as you would like. We
> do that so you have plenty of time to enjoy & verify your order
> before releasing your BTC so you are motivated to make additional big
> purchases from us. Once you send the payment to them they will send
> you an email with the payment verification. Forward that verification
> to us with your shipping information. After we receive confirmation
> from escrow we will ship your product and provide you shipping
> information.

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That is the biggest scam i’ve ever seen? Who would fall for that? There is no external escrow service other then the ones built in dnm’s

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