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German Police Takedown 13 Online Drug Shops

In conjunction with the State Central Office for Cybercrime and Koblenz Attorney General, 139 police officers raided properties in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia on December 7. The operation resulted in the removal of 13 online drug shops and the arrest of site owners and conspirators. The network—or ‘gang’ as described by NRW police—sold drugs through the clearnet and darknet ... Read More »

13 drug traffickers arrested by New Zealand police for importing drugs through Darknet

The New Zealand authorities undertook a six month operation arresting 13 and seizing drugs suspected to have been ordered through the Darknet marketplace. The passion to completely uproot the drug supply in the country brought a number of agencies together in a six-month operation. The Waitemata Police Tactical Crime Team and the Custom sought to bust class A and class ... Read More »

Operation Tiger: 13 Arrested And Facing Drug Charges In New Zealand

New Zealander authorities announced the arrest of 13 individuals who were arrested in a nationwide police operation. The suspects are facing drug-related charges. All of the cases against the defendants are related to the dark web narcotic trade. On August 4, Detective Sergeant Tim Williams of the Waitemata Police informed the public in a press release about the arrest of ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, August 13, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: Goldman Sachs states cryptocurrencies are getting harder to ignore According to Business Insider, Goldman Sachs analyst Robert D. Boroujerdi and his team sent a note to portfolio managers, stating that with a market cap of nearly $120 billion, it’s getting harder for institutional investors to ignore cryptocurrencies. Robert and ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis June 13 2017

The Flippening Bitcoin’s teething problems have not gone unnoticed. This week, Ethereum came closer to surpassing the market cap of Bitcoin. ETH price broke past $300 to an all time high of $400, backed by mainstream media and speculator bids on the flippening. Bitcoin’s scaling deadlock and high transaction fees, have led to doubt amongst investors over its continued dominance ... Read More »

Dark Web Pedo Sentenced 13 Years in Prison

Roy Harvender Jr. from New Castle County, Delaware, a 59-year-old member of Website 19, a dark web child pornography darknet marketplace which fully operated from 2012 to 2014, was arrested and sentenced to 13 years in prison. Harvender, who is better known in the dark web as ricenbeans, actively engaged in the distribution and acquisition of child pornography on the ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price analysis April 13 2017

The price of Bitcoin has been trending up the last 3 weeks, making consistent zig zag pattern from $891 to a high of $1229. What looks like a renewed bull trend has given life to bullish hopes. From the traders’ forums, to twitter forecasts and price analysis – almost everyone seems to be bullish. Some analysts are predicting lofty highs ... Read More »

Child Porn Crackdown In Slovenia: Law Enforcement Raided 13 Apartments

On March 7, investigators in Slovenia carried out house searches at several locations in connection with the sexual abuse of children on the internet. According to police information, law enforcement authorities raided 13 addresses aiming at collecting information and evidence to justify the suspicion of crime presentation, manufacture, possession, and distribution of child pornographic material. The primary objective of the ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis for Tuesday September 13 2016

In the past 2 weeks, the price of Bitcoin made a surprising run up, breaking past the famed $600 level to a $630 high. The market was awakened after a prolonged dull sideways trend, and drew out traders now calling for a run up to $700. All was going well until September 12, when a sharp sell off down to ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 13 Dec. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web.  Microsoft reveals intention to integrate Ripple for Ethereum expansion. As Samburaj Das of CryptoCoins News writes, following its October decision to offer its customers a blockchain-based solution, the multinational technology company is now considering the integration of Ripple in its cloud platform Azure to enhance the offering. Currently, Microsoft enables ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 13 Sep. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Scotland should launch its own digital currency. According to a report released by The New Economics Foundation, Scotland has all the potential to introduce the “ScotPound” and capitalize on the benefits of a digital currency. The independent economic committee thinks that such a scheme would create a new field for ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 14 June 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) may revoke bitcoin ban. According to Gola Yashu of NewsBtc, the Russian authorities are reconsidering the ban of the digital currency on the grounds of having acquired an improved idea regarding the blockchain technology and the benefits of its use. CBR is scheduled to ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Recap – October 13

This past week on the Bitcoin markets have been very eventful and hectic. Starting on the decline, the Bitcoin price ran into a sell wall put up by an alleged, single person, whom the Bitcoin community has dubbed the “BearWhale.” After the wall was taken down by buyers on the market, the price shot upwards, making considerable gains. Let us ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 13 July 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web Industry News A new ATM specifically designed for bitcoin has been released in the Los Angeles area, according to Riley Snyder of the Los Angeles Times. Robocoin’s automated teller machines turn bitcoins into hard cash. The founder of the ... Read More »