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German Teen Receives 2.5 Years Dealing on Dark Web

A 19 year old boy from the Eastern district of Altotting in Germany has been sentenced to do jail time for drug dealing. Passing the sentence, Christoph Warga, the judge who delivered the verdict said the amounts dealt were ‘unbelievable’. The teen was reportedly found in possession of assorted drugs worth 200,000 Euros. He confessed that the drugs included cocaine, ... Read More »

Oregon PlayPen Member Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

A federal judge sentenced 44-year-old Thomas Gene Duncan to 25 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release. Duncan had spent almost 100 hours on a darknet child abuse forum called “PlayPen.” When the FBI raided his Gresham home in October, 2015, they found 120 videos and 4,000 pictures downloaded from numerous child abuse sites, including PlayPen. They also ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, June 25, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: SegWit2x, a bitcoin scaling proposal, has been signaled by over 80% of the bitcoin network Back in May, the Digital Currency Group (DCG), one of the industry’s largest investment firms led by Barry Silbert, revealed a new bitcoin scaling proposal. Essentially, a group of 58 companies, representing 83.3 percent ... Read More »

25% of UK Drug Users Use Darknet Markets

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is a London-based drug and alcohol research group that releases, once a year, the results of the world’s largest survey on drug use. The survey covers, for example, trends in drug popularity within a specific country. One point of interest from the Global Drug Survey 2016 showed that global darknet market usage increased significantly—and it ... Read More »

Darknet Vendor Lists 25 Hacked Forum Databases

Talk of hacking, both in respect to the usual cybercrime victims and anything related to the US presidential election, dominated news headlines for months. Since then, the mainstream media quieted down—a bit—regarding election hacking or cyber-espionage. Those investigations themselves grew more interesting once the mainstream media slowed election news; the United States indicted four in connection with suspected election hacking. ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, March 26 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: A bitcoin scaling meeting may take place in May According to CoinDesk, a small group of bitcoin industry leaders, developers, and miners plan on discussing the cryptocurrency’s future in a meeting taking place in New York, in May. A notice including a list of potential guests was posted to ... Read More »

More Than 25% of MongoDB Databases Hacked Within a Week

According to credible intelligence from trusted sources, hackers attacked more than 25 percent of the MongoDB databases left open on the internet. The individuals, a security researcher from the GDI Foundation—Victor Gevers—and an independent developer from Norway, Niall Merrigan saw a recent spike in MongoDB database hacks. Hackers, during a single week, attacked enough vulnerable online databases to account for ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 25 October 2016

Over the past 2 weeks, Bitcoin traded sideways for a 6 days below $640, before selling off to a rising support at $625. Over the past 4 days however, Bitcoin rallied 4% back to testing $650 – $655 resistance level, cruising through the weekend on a delectable bounce off support. Chinese exchanges made new highs, on the back off Yuan ... Read More »

Hacker Robs Bank for 25 BTC and Donates to the Fight Against ISIS

A hacker known only as Phineas Fisher tweeted about his recent donation of 25 bitcoins to a crowdfunding account set up by members of the Rojava region in Syria. Fisher described this cause as one of the most inspirational revolutionary projects in the world today. Fisher has said that the bitcoin donation, which by the way is listed publicly on ... Read More »

Bitcoin Ransoming Romney Hacker Sentenced to 25 Years

37 year old Michael Mancil Brown was asking for $1,000,000,000 in Bitcoin in exchange for Mitt Romney’s tax records. He has been guilty of extortion and fraud. In August of 2012 Michael Brown wrote a letter to one of Romney’s accountants,PwC, telling them that he had hacked the company servers and stole Romney and his wife Anne’s tax records and ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Round Up 25 April 2016

Recapping Bitcoin news that made the headlines this week. REGULATION: Japan’s OK’s set of Virtual Currency Bills The Island of Japan has been aggressively pushing for adoption of virtual currencies into mainstream finance and payments. This week, the Cabinet approved a set of bills that expand banking groups’ carte blanche to IT- ventures, such as virtual currency business. Revisions in ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – 25 Novemebr 2015

Since the 1 year high at $504 on November 4, price has been on a decline, surprising many who expecting an aggressive bull run, however. Corrections are part of market cycles, and necessary, like the current price action. The past 3 weeks have been a correction of the parabolic move up from $ 240. (3)(4) was a flat sideways level ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 25 Oct. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Virtual currencies could encourage terrorism financing. As Grace Caffyn of CoinDesk writes, a recently released report by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) entitled “Emerging Terrorist Financing Risks” considers the bitcoin as a potential threat for fueling terrorist financing. FATF notes that “digital currencies have attracted the attention of various ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 25 Apr.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. A New Jersey policeman is charged with receiving embezzled property after allegedly selling stolen cryptocurrency apparatus. As Emily Spaven of CoinDesk reports,Vincent Saggese of Plainfield Police Department has met with an undercover investigator of Somerset Prosecutor’s Office to negotiate the sale of bitcoin mining equipment. Saggese has allegedly accepted $250 ... Read More »

HHS Security Director Sentenced to 25 Years for Tor-Network-Based CP

The porn sites he’s accused of using—including one called PedoBook—were hosted on servers in Nebraska and run by Aaron McGrath, who has already been convicted for his role in the sites (Arrested in “Operation TorPedo”).At least 28,000 files were available to users of PedoBook; registered users shared more than 100,000 messages, the publication reported. According to Wired: The FBI seized ... Read More »