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British Dark Web Pedophile Jailed For 32 Years

The disgusting double life of one of Britain’s worst pedophiles has finally come to an end. 29-year-old Matthew Falder, a graduate of Cambridge has been jailed for 32 years after he admitted to 137 offenses against 46 victims, both male and female. Falder resorted to blackmailing his victims, which was made up of many teenagers, forcing them to engage in ... Read More »

Mirai IoT Hacker Infects 3.2 Million Routers With Ineliminable Malware

In October, an anonymous group of hackers used the Mirai Internet of Things (IoT) botnet, which had around 500,000 IoT devices concentrated in China, Hong Kong and South Korea, to launch large-scale DDoS attacks to demand ransom in bitcoin. A hacker from the same group recently infected millions of routers with malware that cannot be removed. A hacker that goes ... Read More »