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TorPolice – A Novel Framework For Enforcing Access Control Policies Across the Tor Network

The Tor network represents the most popular anonymity network, which is currently used by millions of users all over the world. Nevertheless, access control doesn’t exist for users of the Tor network, which renders the network susceptible to malicious attacks and botnet abuse. For instance, adversaries often exploit exit relay nodes utilizing them as stepping stones for various forms of ... Read More »

Teenage SMG Buyer Granted Internet Access for Homework

In April this year, a teenager left his school’s property to meet an undercover officer that he had met on the darknet. In a series of messages and events that effectively qualify as entrapment in some countries, the officer convinced the teenager—14 at the time—to purchase a machine gun and 100 rounds of ammunition for $180. After the inevitable arrest, ... Read More »

Access to Private Computer Networks of Critical Infrastructure being sold on the Dark Web

Cyber criminals on a darknet marketplace have taken hacking to another dimension this time around by bypassing the private computer networks of several government systems, gaining access to critical infrastructure targets such as hospitals, power plants, financial firms and airlines, government departments and then selling or exchanging them for bitcoins, one of the largest online cryptocurrency. An underground darknet marketplace ... Read More »

Public Consensus Networks & Secret Management : From Access Control to Ransomware

The advent of bitcoin has introduced the world to a new class of decentralized networks. Referred to as “consensus networks”, such systems, as bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s blockchain, deploy highly distributed volunteer-run networks to implement public rules that are responsible for managing access to various resources. Bitcoin’s network utilizes consensus to apply monetary transaction rules. Nevertheless, more recently consensus based systems ... Read More »

Canadian Man Had Access To 967 Child Porn Files

Jonathan Bettez, a 36-year-old Canadian man was arrested for possessing child pornography. According to police information, the man had access to 967 child porn files containing images and videos from children aged 3 months to 12 years who were being assaulted sexually. Law enforcement authorities searched for the child porn data and in a police database and compared the files ... Read More »

Court Rules Government Can’t Access International Data

Companies in the United States, when issued a warrant, have been required to hand over all requested data, including anything stored on offshore servers. One of the most prolific examples of this was in 2014, in an incident involving Microsoft. The Justice Department issued a warrant requesting all emails to and from a Microsoft customer who was a suspect in ... Read More »

Airports in London are Blocking Access to Tor

In what appears to be an excellent example of the ongoing censorship in the UK, security researchers have discovered multiple airports in London are preventing access to the Tor Project’s website. The Tor Project, for those unaware, is the organization  primarily responsible for maintaining the Tor, a web browser that sends traffic through an anonymous network. Not only does the ... Read More »

FBI Wants: EC Privacy Act To Allow Warrantless Access To Browsing History

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s request, lawmakers gave in an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). This allows the government to get a national security letter (NSL) instead of a warrant, a subpoena that doesn’t require a judge’s approval. The Senate Intelligence Committee panel recently voted down an authorization bill with the NSL amendment, however, it was ... Read More »

Tutorial: How To Access Exchanged.i2p

Provided by its admin. Please Note: Using an anonymous exchange IS risky. Introduction: These days bitcoin regulation has been all over the headlines, With the New York Bitcoin License taking effect your bitcoin services are willing to sacrifice your privacy for mainstream acceptance. Exchanges such as Poloniex are US operated countries and are FinCEN complaint with various AML/KYC requirements.  ExchangeD.I2P ... Read More »

USAA Integrates Bitcoin Access Into Member Accounts

Following last year’s successful pilot program, the Texas-based financial services company, USAA (United States Automobile Association), recently announced that all members now have the option to view their Coinbase account information – such as their bitcoin balance. This functionality will soon be available on the financial giant’s mobile app. This move shouldn’t come as a surprise; the managing director of ... Read More »

Criminal Complaint Reveals ‘Private Internet Access’ Doesn’t Log

According to a criminal complaint against Preston Alexander McWaters, who allegedly “[conveyed] false or misleading information regarding an explosive device”, the VPN provider “Private Internet Access” doesn’t log. McWaters, 25, appears to be an individual who can’t move on from relationships. On March 27, 2015, police were called to an address about a stalking complaint. The victims, Devon Kenney and ... Read More »

Private Internet Access Review (PIA)

Private Internet Access is a popular VPN solution that offers users the possibility to customize their preferences according to their level of knowledge. The solution is provided by the London Media Trust company with headquarter in Los Angeles and branches all over the world. Their main goal is to free the internet from governmental control and censorship and offer the ... Read More »

Grams Flow: Easy access to Hidden Sites

Another nice tool from Grams! (Can be accessed here: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion.market/flow  &  http://gramsflow.com) Grams flow allows you to easily get to hidden sites with out having to remember the long and random .onion.market address.  Sites Flow uses keywords or “flow-words” to redirect you from a simple clearnet address to some of your favorite and most used onion sites. It is very ... Read More »

Full guide: How to access I2p sites & Use TheMarketplace.i2p

Note: TMP Does not exist anymore, but this tutorial was left as an I2P usage guide. This Amazing Guide was posted on reddit by the username: moonsh00t All The Credit goes to him! – As It was listed on the Guide that the License is BSD we believe it would be a great service to give this guide more publicity ... Read More »