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UK’s Investigatory Powers Act Ruled Unlawful by Court

A United Kingdom law known as the Investigatory Powers Act, which authorizes mass surveillance, was recently ruled to be unlawful by the Court of Appeals in London. The Investigatory Powers Act is popularly known as the Snoopers Charter. The ruling from the three judge panel strikes down much of the Snoopers Charter. The challenge to the British mass surveillance law ... Read More »


Senators Introduce The Botnet Prevention Act To End Major Cybercrime

Following a cyberattack at a local healthcare facility, Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse introduced legislation to deal with such cybercrime. According to NBC News, a ransomware attack compromised the personal healthcare information of 14,000 New Englanders. Whitehouse claimed, in an interview with NBC, that the hack happened “just last month.” However, HealthITSecurity wrote that the actual breach occurred between September ... Read More »

FBI Wants: EC Privacy Act To Allow Warrantless Access To Browsing History

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s request, lawmakers gave in an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). This allows the government to get a national security letter (NSL) instead of a warrant, a subpoena that doesn’t require a judge’s approval. The Senate Intelligence Committee panel recently voted down an authorization bill with the NSL amendment, however, it was ... Read More »

FBI Wants Your Biometric Data Left Out of the Privacy Act

The FBI’s proposal to exempt a large identification database from certain provisions of the federal Privacy act is coming under fire lately by several Civil Liberties groups. The proposal would make it harder for people to know if personal information about them, like fingerprints and iris scans are on file or not. The Next Generation Identification system, hold a vast ... Read More »

Obama Signs into Effect the Transnational Drug Trafficking Act of 2015 to Combat the International Drug Trade

It seems that most of the wold already thinks the American Government over steps its bounds abroad. These new amendments Obama just signed into play will definitely fuel they’re burning fire. This new Act is intended to allow the United States’ reach on the drug war to stretch far and wide; allowing them to prosecute any drug manufacturers who have ... Read More »

Email Privacy Act Gets The Go Ahead By House Commission, Unanimous 28-0 Vote

The Email Privacy Act (H.R.699) sponsored by Kevin Yoder with an incredible 314 cosponsors finally began moving forward after a year long stall. Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee reached a unanimous 28-0 vote and the Email Privacy Act is expected to move forward through the full chamber. Committee member Jerrold Nadler made the statement: “Our nation’s laws must be brought ... Read More »

Section 215 Expires, Senate Approves USA Freedom Act

As Section 215 of the Patriot Act lapses, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the USA Freedom Act sending the bill back to congress with amendments. Now the Freedom Act heads back to congress where they will review – and likely approve – the amendments added by the Senate. Section 215 Section 215 of the Patriot Act is the provision that gives ... Read More »

Patriot Act extension Dies; Senate ready to vote on USA Freedom Act

As Section 215 of the Patriot Act’s June 1st deadline approaches the Senate will vote this week on the USA Freedom Act which tightens up some key NSA powers. This will be the first time the US government has scaled back government surveillance in quite some time. In The Guardian’s coverage the bill, a simple explanation of both the pros ... Read More »

USA Freedom Act passes House, headed to Senate

With critical provisions of the Patriot Act scheduled to expire in June congress is rushing to come up with a solution. They may have just found it. The US House of Representatives approved the USA Freedom Act with a strong 338 to 88 vote. The bill is a step toward ending the mass collection of data by the National Security ... Read More »