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Researchers Find Hidden Trackers in Android Apps

Researchers from several groups have discovered hidden tracking software inside of more than 300 Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Researchers with a French non-profit organization called Exodus Privacy initially discovered 44 trackers in over 300 Android apps. Researchers at the Yale Privacy Lab, an initiative created by the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School, hope ... Read More »

Safe Messaging Options for Linux and Android

We live in an ever-changing technological world, and with all the constant revelations of government snooping upon private communications such as our texts, phone calls, and instant messenger chats, one thing that many people who want to keep their communications private can learn from is safe, encrypted messenger applications. Some mobile systems and applications come with end-to-end encryption, such as ... Read More »

Google to Enable Encrypted DNS Requests in Android

Google has added a new function that it is testing out for the Android mobile Operating System. The new feature encrypts Domain Name Server (DNS) requests using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and is called DNS-over-TLS, similar to how HTTP data is encrypted with TLS when using the HTTPS protocol. Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system ... Read More »

More CIA Android Hacking

  WikiLeaks published another entry in their Vault 7 collection of CIA leaks. The new documents released by WikiLeaks detail a program called HighRise, which infects Android phones and devices, and intercepts and redirects SMS text messages to a remote server controlled by the CIA. The user manual for HighRise version 2.0 comes from the CIA’s Information Operations Center. According ... Read More »

Over 200 Android Apps Are Tracking Users with Ultrasonic Beacons

A group of German researchers from Brunswick Technical University have discovered that at least 234 Android apps are employing ultrasonic tracking beacons to track users and their surroundings. In November of last year, British researchers from the University College London presented their findings on the privacy and security issues that plague ultrasonic tracking by advertisers, during a talk they delivered ... Read More »

CiantiMF – An Android OS Security Framework For Protection Against Tor Botnet Malware

The number of individuals using online payment systems via mobile devices is increasing steadily, which attracts hackers who utilize sophisticated pieces of malware to increase the impact of their malicious attacks. By far, the android OS is the most popular mobile device OS in the whole world. Accordingly, security of android devices is increasingly becoming a hot topic. The Security ... Read More »

Android Trojan “Marcher” Almost Impossible to Eliminate

In the recent months, different types of malware manifested itself in various forms, spanning most common platforms. Perhaps the most notorious piece of malicious code came from the FBI themselves; they used a controversial NIT on Tor users worldwide. A more common type of machine infection, within these past few months, took the form of banking trojans. Modernized and increasingly ... Read More »


Signal for Android Updated to Bypass Censorship in Cuba and Oman

Open Whisper Systems (OWS), the group behind the Signal, encrypted messaging app endorsed by Edward Snowden, updated their Android app to circumvent censorship in Cuba and Oman. The circumvention of such Internet blocking is not a new concept—engineers built Tor for the same reasons. Likewise, this is nothing new for OWS either. In Mid-December, they executed a similar method of ... Read More »

Android And iOS Crypto Keys Under Threat Of Getting Stolen

According to a new research, digital data, mostly financial, is under threat on Android and iOS phones since the crypto keys used with Bitcoin wallets and Apple Pay can be stolen. A cryptographic (crypto) key is the core part of cryptographic operations used commonly in digital asset transactions where a variable data is provided as input to a cryptographic algorithm ... Read More »