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Canada to Spend $1 Billion of Federal Budget on Fighting Cyber Crime

Cyber attacks grabbed the headlines last year when hackers launched an attack to compromise the data of computers in over 100 countries. Lurk and Wannacry created by FSS became a big thing in the cyberspace stealing data department. Canada was one of the many countries that remained a target for cyber operations. Not folding their arms to witness another attack, ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Insurance Market to Increase by 3X to $10 Billion in 2020

The demand for cyber security systems and solutions have been on the rise as a result of the emergence of complex and highly sophisticated ransomware, hacking attacks and security breaches. Although analysts agree that prevention is the optimal solution against ransomware attacks and other forms of hacking attacks, companies have begun to seek cyber security insurance as ransomware attacks began ... Read More »

Darknet Vendor Lists One Billion Anti-Public Accounts

On May 5, the creator of the famed “Have I Been Pwned?” breach alert system, Troy Hunt, announced that he loaded “over 1 billion breached accounts into HIBP.” At the date of his blog post, HIBP hosted 2.7 billion breached accounts from numerous breaches. “There’s a lot more there now,” he explained, referring to a massive number of breached accounts—currently ... Read More »

Yahoo Was Hacked Again: 1 billion user accounts were compromised

Back in September, DeepDotWeb reported Yahoo announced 500 million accounts were compromised by what the company claimed to be a “state-sponsored actor”. Back then all affect users were notified and the problem appeared to be swept under the rug. Now, Yahoo issued a press release in which it states more than 1 billion user accounts were compromised – and sensitive ... Read More »