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Canada to Spend $1 Billion of Federal Budget on Fighting Cyber Crime

Cyber attacks grabbed the headlines last year when hackers launched an attack to compromise the data of computers in over 100 countries. Lurk and Wannacry created by FSS became a big thing in the cyberspace stealing data department. Canada was one of the many countries that remained a target for cyber operations. Not folding their arms to witness another attack, ... Read More »

FBI Talks “Going Dark” in Latest Budget Request

In its Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked for $21 million to go towards fighting cryptocurrency-linked cybercrime. Like so many of the FBI’s proposals, the requests were made under the Bureau’s “Going Dark” initiative. Counter-terrorism is also looking to benefit from Going Dark, thanks to advanced communications. The FBI requested a total of nearly ... Read More »

President Obama Signed Budget Bill Including CISA

On December 18, the US House of Representatives and the Senate passed a huge budget bill, with almost 2000 pages, that contains the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act and sent it to President Barack Obama for signature. With such bills, the president of the United States has the option to veto such document, however, in this case, Obama just signed it. ... Read More »