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Derby Toyota Employee Busted ordering from Dark Net

A Derby Toyota employee was caught after drugs he bought on dark net were intercepted when they arrived at Heath row Airport. Adam Yates bought cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine on the now defunct Silk Road and then sold them to a woman the court heard to be named Leah. 28 year old Yates’ attorney, Baz Bhattia, said his client was ... Read More »

Alphabay Drug Vendor Shansa Arrested

31-year-old (not named by authorities) Viennese man, better known as Shansa on the dark web, was busted by the Bundeskriminalamt (BK) on 13 October 2015. Authorities seized 2.8 kg of amphetamines, 1 kilogram of ecstasy, cocaine, LSD blotters and various kinds of research drugs (RCs) in the dealer’s house. Police also found illegal guides on the man’s computer along with ... Read More »

Bronx Man Busted By Shelter Island Police

Fred J. Conforto (41), a Bronx man, was arrested on felony drug charges by the Shelter Island Police Department in a joint action with other law enforcement authorities. He is now in custody and awaits his trial by the Shelter Island Justice Court. Conforto was charged with three counts of the criminal sale of controlled substances and was held at ... Read More »

Nine Men Busted In Franconia DarkWeb Sourced Drug-Dealing Ring

According to German law enforcement authorities, nine men were busted in Forcheim, Bamberg and Herzogenaurach, who are accused of dealing drugs, which they ordered from the dark web. The criminal investigation department of the Bamberg Prosecutor’s Office tracked the nine drug dealers in collaboration with the local police from North Rhine-Westphalia. Currently, five of the nine suspects have been already ... Read More »

Washington Xanax And MDMA Vendor Pair Busted

Boden Gregory Bridge (20) and Tristan Simpson Brennand (21), has been accused of using the dark web to traffic MDMA and Xanax to customers in the United States. Both men from Washington are currently facing federal charges and are alleged to have started selling drugs as teens. In January 2014, a federal informant told the law enforcement authorities that Brennand ... Read More »

Quantik USA Busted: $1M worth of Xanax pills seized

Quantik USA team, the domestic usa resellers of the biggest darknet markets Xanax vendor from Canada – Quantik xanx, was arrested. According the the press release from the sheriff office: St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office narcotics detectives received information and conducted an investigation that led to the execution of two judicial court authorized search warrants on Tuesday, January ... Read More »

Two Drug Dealers Busted In India

The brothers, Mayank Kumar Sahu (22) and Piyush Kumar Sahu (20) were arrested by Central Crime Service (CCS) investigators and task force detectives in Hyderabad, India. The two men allegedly sold drugs they bought from the dark web, more precisely, from the Nucleus Marketplace. During the police bust on Wednesday, the law enforcement authorities seized around 100 LSD blotters. The ... Read More »

Oak Creek Credit Card Scheme Busted By Police

The United States Secret Service arrested two men, Bradley Beauge and James Pierre, in the Red Roof Inn Hotel in Oak Creek. The two men were charged with the crime of credit card cloning. According to law enforcement authorities, the carders printed their own names on the credit cards, however, the cards were linked back to the victims’ bank accounts. ... Read More »

DNM Vendor Dr.Xanax Busted

In Laval, Montreal, the law enforcement authorities raided DNM vendor Dr.Xanax’s place last Tuesday. Laval Police has seized around 2 million counterfeit Xanax pills, $200.000 cash, a bulletproof vest, three handguns and seven press machines that has been used for the pressing of the Xanax bars. According to official documents, these machines could produce 20000 pills per hour. Dr.Xanax was ... Read More »

Nottingham Philosophy Student Busted For Importing Weed Internationally

Benjamin Koops, a student studying philosophy at the University of Nottingham, has been busted for importing weed from the US. The student has ordered the cannabis from DNMs, however, two of the packages have been intercepted by the National Crime Agency (NCA). According to the LE, the packages have been caught and been traced back to Koops. This could mean ... Read More »

Staten Island Man Busted For Using Multiple Darkweb CP Websites

Luis Escobosa, a man (his age and home community were disclosed by federal authorities) living in Staten Island, NY, has been caught on an ongoing federal investigation for accessing and using multiple child pornography websites. The court documents describe that Escobosa was a member of multiple CP sites, one of them is described as “Website A”, the other is “Playpen”. ... Read More »

Darknet Child Porn Ring Busted In Israel

If you are following the news of the deep web then you will be pretty much surprised by this news. Most of the “happenings” are in North America, Australia, the UK and in Western Europe, however, this article is about a pedophile ring that has been taken down by the Israeli police. According the information that has been given out ... Read More »

Coleraine Man Busted For Running Drug Ring In Northern Ireland

Richard Sinclair (32) and Kyle Hall (25), have been arrested for selling drugs. The police think that Sinclair was the ”mastermind” of the operation, he was running most of it. According to the police, the international drug dealer had a gambling problem. His defense counsel, Michael Boyd, has stated that the gambling problem could be the cause of the whole ... Read More »

Heroin Vendor Supremesmoke Busted

On 18 Aug, Indianapolis, during a 6 house raid by federal agents and police regarding a heroin distribution ring, Lee Gray, aka Supremesmoke has been taken into custody. On Tuesday morning, The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration led the search with assistance from Indianapolis police and U.S postal authorities. Investigators served a search warrant at Gray’s home around 6 a.m. He ... Read More »

3 OD in Portland Jail: Evolution Fentanyl Vendor Busted

According to a report in oregonlive.com  (see article for full details) A 27-year-old inmate in the Justice Center Jail is accused of smuggling a synthetic opioid many times more powerful than heroin (Fentanyl ) into the downtown Portland lockup last weekend, causing at least three of her fellow inmates to overdose – the investigation led to an evolution vendor who ... Read More »