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DoctorX & his Chemical Brothers and Sisters

“We have some fresh news from our friends of Energy Control International If you have visited Silk Road or Evolution Forums, you will probably have heard about DoctorX. DoctorX has gathered his superpowers with a group of SuperHeroes from International Drug Checking Service from Energy Control International: Doctor X and his Chemical Brothers and Sisters (Admiral Tryptamine, Daddy Poppy, Lady ... Read More »

Another Chemical Love Customer Faces Prison for Drug Purchases

The Munich District Court heard how a 24-year-old bought drugs on the darknet for several years in a row. The prosecution said the man conducted a “lively trade” with the drugs he purchased online. The court heard how the man had allegedly been buying drugs on the darknet and selling them to buyers in person. Between December 2014 and April ... Read More »

Chemical Love Kingpin’s Dad Fights for Acquittal

In 2016, German authorities arrested five men for distributing drugs in the darknet and clearnet under the name “Chemical Love.” A German court announced that one of these men, a former professional football player for VfB Stuttgart, will be sentenced on November 30. The prosecution is asking for four and a half years of incarceration. Walter Kelsch, the 61-year-old defendant, ... Read More »

DEA Arrests Two in “RCPowders” Research Chemical Raid

On August 29, DEA agents raided a drug lab in an apartment in Queens, New York City, New York. Wearing hazmat suits, agents from the DEA’s Newark Field Division arrested the apartment owner and the suspected drug dealer, 34-year-old Brian Parker. Meanwhile, at a separate location, officers arrested his suspected accomplice, 29-year-old Victoria Koleski. The duo, according to Acting US ... Read More »

Dutch Police Arrest Three in Research Chemical Investigation

In early August, Dutch police forces raided a drug laboratory in Boxtel, a small town in the southern Netherlands. The police arrested three suspects for alleged drug distribution at an international level. Police left out the majority of the details, but members of a subreddit fit pieces together and found the identity of the three suspects. The newly arrested drug ... Read More »

German Man Bought LSD From Chemical Love, Fined By Court

A German man from Südlandkreis, Germany was sentenced to pay a fine for ordering LSD from the busted vendor shop Chemical Love. Law enforcement authorities came to the track of a 20-year-old man from Südlandkreis, Germany. According to the court documents, the defendant ordered 10 LSD blotters worth almost 70 euros from the Chemical Love vendor shop. The young man ... Read More »

Chemical Love Leader Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

In April 2016, German law enforcement raided a cellar in Rülzheim and several locations in Baden-Württemberg. The media caught on and asked questions. Investigators then reported that the arrests pertained to a group behind “Germany’s biggest illegal web shop for narcotics.” Now the entire group in the Chemical Love case received sentences, save for one. Chemical Love was, as prosecutors ... Read More »

Members Of Chemical Love Vendor Shop Sentenced In Germany

In April 2016, in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, law enforcement authorities arrested five men who were suspected of running the Chemical Love vendor shop. On October 11, 2016, The Central Cybercrime Office (LZC) of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office announced they had charged six individuals in the case. Now, the Landau District court sentenced three of the defendants, including the main ... Read More »


Convicted Narcotic Vendor Shiny Flakes Testifies In Fellow Vendor Chemical Love’s Case

Recently, Maximilian S., AKA. “Shiny Flakes”, testified in the case of the “Chemical Love” vendor group. According to court documents, on April 10, the 22-year-old Maximilian S., who was convicted for running the Shiny Flakes vendor shop on the dark web selling narcotics, testified at the Landau District Court in Germany in the case of the Chemical Love vendor group. ... Read More »


More Than 1,000 Investigations Started Against The Customers Of Narcotics Vendor Chemical Love

On April 14, 2016, law enforcement authorities raided the headquarters of the narcotics vendor shop “Chemical Love” arresting five suspects. The bust resulted in investigators seizing massive amounts of drugs. Now, the defendants are standing trial in the courtroom in Landau in der Pfalz, Germany. When German police arrested the five suspects and raided the “narcotics depot”, they found an ... Read More »


Radioactive Chemical Smuggler Discovered to Be Purchasing Radium from the Deepweb

In late September, officers at a border crossing station in Croatia intercepted a vehicle that set off nuclear radiation alarms. Special teams were summoned and the Toyota Camry was searched. Croatian officials discovered radium, a highly radioactive chemical element. The Polish citizens inside the vehicle handed over numerous bags and boxes containing ampoules of R-266. R-266 is a highly radioactive ... Read More »

Swedish Chemical Weapon Vendor Is Soon To Be Sentenced After Psych Evaluation

In September, a Swedish trial concluded wherein the defendant was released from custody due to potential mental illness. A 27-year-old Uppsala PhD student was charged with selling ricin on the deepweb. The hearing would continue once the student passed a psychiatric examination. Almost a month later on October 18, the District Court announced that the man was free of any ... Read More »

Chemical Love Vendors Formally Charged for Drug Trafficking

Nearly half a year after the arrests of the individuals behind the “Chemical Love” marketplace, charges have been formally filed. On April, 2016, German police raided the basement of what was considered the Chemical Love headquarters. Massive quantities of drugs were seized. Police announced the arrest of five individuals as a result of the raid. In early October, the prosecutor’s ... Read More »

US Government Concerned with Carfentanil as a Chemical Weapon

Opioids and opiates, specifically heroin and fentanyl, have been making regular and continuous news appearances. Overdoses and deaths do not go unreported. Heroin laced with fentanyl carries the spotlight, for the most part. However, hyper-potent fentanyl analogs are rapidly becoming the center of attention. In June, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepted a 1KG package of carfentanil headed towards Alberta. ... Read More »

Nationwide Raid On Vendor Chemical Love’s Customers In Germany

In April, German authorities arrested five men for allegedly running the vendor shop “Chemical Love”. They were both selling drugs on the dark web and on the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet) and had about 1,500 sales in total. Recently, German authorities carried out a major nationwide raid, which resulted in the arrest of 63 suspects. Police believe ... Read More »