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Italian Police Arrested Four Members of a Darknet Child Porn Ring, Identified 120 More

In October, Europol and law enforcement in Italy arrested seven members of a child porn ring with ties to The Love Zone. Italian law enforcement, yet again, made another darknet-related child pornography bust, this time netting four suspects. The Polizia Postale (Postal Police), with the aid of several local agencies, searched 44 houses for 31 suspects. The searches were conducted ... Read More »


Hundreds of Members of a Darknet Child Porn Ring Arrested in China

Law enforcement in China just arrested hundreds of suspects involved in a darknet child-pornograhy ring, news outlets reported. Across the entire country, police officers raided and arrested suspects who accessed media containing the molestation of more than 30 under-aged girls. The US Department of Homeland Security notified China’s law enforcement of a Chinese darknet child-pornography ring. In March, police arrested ... Read More »

Child Porn Ring Busted In Italy, 7 Arrested

A joint action between District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor of Rome and the Europol European Cybercrime Center resulted in the arrest of seven suspects who are believed to be a part of a major dark net child porn community. This is the first time in Italy where internet pedophiles have been busted. The suspects are charged with the ... Read More »

Co-Admin of The Love Zone Admits to Running Another Deepweb Child Porn Site

In 2014, Taskforce Argos took down the child porn site The Love Zone (TLZ) and captured Britain’s “worst pedophile ever. The site’s administrator, Shannon McCoole, testified against several co-admins following his arrest. One man, a 33-year-old from Bornholm, was just discovered to be one such co-admin while running another child porn site. In February 2016, Danish police raided the home ... Read More »

Death Penalty Call For Child Sex Offender Peter Scully In Philippines

According to chief prosecutor Jaime Umpa, there is a death penalty call in child sex predator, Peter Scully’s case. The 53-year-old Australian citizen is currently standing before Cagayan De Oro court where prosecutors want to re-introduce death penalty to properly punish the man. Umpa told the media Scully’s deeds are the most shocking officials had ever seen. The Australian man ... Read More »

PlayPen Case: DOJ Says FBI Played No Role In Improving Child Porn Website

Last week, Peter Adolf, a lawyer defending PlayPen’s former administrator, Steven Chase, argued that the FBI had improved the functionality of the infamous PlayPen dark web child porn site when they took control of it. The Department of Justice (DOJ) made a statement denying the claims: “The government played no role in enhancing or improving the functionality of the website,” ... Read More »

Europol’s Deepweb Child Porn Investigation Nets 75 Arrests

A year-long investigation into an undisclosed child pornography site on the deepweb has led to 75 arrests since August 23rd, according to Europol. The investigation, known as “Operation Daylight,” involves suspects in over 25 countries with 207 open cases. Operation Daylight was launched in 2015 after Swiss police notified Europol of the discovery of a massive network of criminals involved ... Read More »

The Largest Deepweb Child Porn Distributor Is the FBI

In a motion filed by assistant federal defender Peter Adolf, he argues that during the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s operation into the deepweb child pornography site “Playpen,” the FBI made the child pornography issue even worse. Similar motions claim that the FBI themselves distributed as many as 1 million pictures and videos of child pornography to more than 100,000 users ... Read More »

Member Of Former TLZ Child Porn Website Sentenced

Seth Piccolo (44), from Grand Rapids, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in The Love Zone (TLZ), a former child porn website on the dark web. He pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography, possession and access with intent to view child pornography. Piccolo was a member of TLZ and had to upload images of his ... Read More »

Child Pornography Sting Leads to 5 Arrests in Italy

A child pornography bust in Italy, carried out by both the Postal and Communication Police as well as the CNCPO  (National  Center  for  Combating  Child Pornography on-line), lead to 21 search warrants being issued, five of which resulted in subsequent arrests. The arrests took place in Lombardy, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige and Lazio, an Italian news agency claims. The remaining ... Read More »

Holyoke Child Porn Defendant Stuck In Legal Limbo

Edward Dupont (74), from Holyoke, who was charged with possessing child pornography, is stuck in a legal limbo. Dupont, with at least 135 other defendants, was charged in the Playpen case after the FBI obtained a warrant from a magistrate judge in Virginia to take over the website, which contained thousands of child porn images and videos. Operation Pacifier, the ... Read More »

Computing Student At Leeds Met University Jailed For Accessing Child Porn Images

Macan Sahota (24), a student studying computer studies and ethical hacking at the Leeds Met University, was jailed for 16 months for downloading 386 “still and moving” child pornography images from the dark web. The content featured babies being sexually abused and pictures showing children and animals. According to Jonathan Sharp from prosecution, the law enforcement authorities discovered Sahota’s illicit ... Read More »

Another Judge Rules against Government in a Child Porn Case

Yesterday the US Federal Judge presiding over the FBI child porn case in Washington, threw out all the evidence obtained by the FBI’s NIT deployment on the Tor Network. It seems it’s going to be hard for prosecutors to move forward in the US vs. Michaud case, because of judges continuing to push back on the FBI’s use of hacking ... Read More »

Child Porn Suspect Jailed Indefinitely For Not Decrypting Hard Drives

A Philadelphia man suspected of possessing child porn has been in jail for  seven months and counting after being found in contempt of a court order demanding that he decrypt two password protected hard drives. The suspect, a former P.P.D. Sergeant, hasn’t been charged with any child porn crimes. Instead he remains indefinitely imprisoned in Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center for ... Read More »

Most Child Porn Are Found On Image Hosting Services

According to a new report from the United Kingdom based Internet Watch Foundation, most of the child pornography material could be found hidden away on image hosting websites, mostly located in the United States. Vocativ made this statement in their article about the Internet Watch Foundation’s work: ”The IWF, a non-profit largely funded by the European Union and online companies, ... Read More »