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Police Catch Three Members of Darknet Drug Trafficking Group

On March 15, The public prosecutor’s office in Ravensburg announced the details of a high-profile investigation. Since “at least the turn of the year,” the announcement began, law enforcement investigators tracked a drug organization with five known members. Throughout the course of “extensive” investigations, authorities learned the organization operated a darknet drug trafficking ring. They found more than just drug ... Read More »

Headmaster Uploaded Student CP to Darknet Forums

Romain Farina, the director of a school in Villefontaine, France, possessed a massive cache of child pornography, investigators recently discovered. Authorities indicted Farina in 2015 after he sexually abused numerous adolescents who attended his school. Two years later, after a second search of the man’s residence, authorities found hard drives that connected Farina to a darknet identity named “pedo-master.” Between ... Read More »

Europe Tightens Arms Regulation, Focus on Darknet Distribution

Since early 2016, European law enforcement agencies including the Spanish National Police and the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (ANSSI) have been targeting arms dealers and weapon distribution centers linked to darknet marketplaces. The ANSSI in particular noted that it has become more difficult to stop terrorist groups such as ISIS due to the presence of the ... Read More »

Convicted Darknet Buyer Found to be Child of High Profile Murderer

US District Judge Robert Jonker sentenced the son of Arthur Paiva—ringleader in the 1979 murder of Janet Chandler—to 30 months in prison. Michael Carlton Paiva, the son in question, found himself caught up in the Silk Road 2.0 investigation. Between 2013 and 2016 Michael ordered $11,000 worth of drugs and resold them throughout Western Michigan. During the Silk Road 2.0 ... Read More »

76% of Healthcare Organizations Hacked Info Sold on Darknet

Over the past few years, ransomware and hacking attacks targeted on healthcare organizations saw tremendous success, mostly because healthcare organizations maintained a centralized database composed of sensitive personal and financial information. Ransomware distributors design software that can encrypt the servers, devices and databases of healthcare institutions and medical centers when they are accessed. If one of the devices or servers ... Read More »

Darknet Child Pornography Buyer Convicted, Avoids Prison

On March 12, Leigh Williams of Newport, South Wales, was convicted for the possession of child pornography. In consideration of Leigh Williams’ plea and his genuine remorse toward his action, judge Peter Griffiths sentenced Williams to six months in prison, to be effective after two years. In most child pornography cases, regardless of the intensity of the crime or the ... Read More »

Danish Police Make Headway in Darknet Investigations

According to Kim Aarenstrup, head of the National Police’s Cyber ​​Crime Centre (NC3), Danish police developed tools to prevent darknet drug trade. The tools, she explained in a press release, came in the form of new methods of Bitcoin transaction analysis. The engineers at NC3 used “new skills, methods, and technologies” to “to prove and punish rogue trades with bitcoin.” ... Read More »

640K PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Darknet

C. Aliens 640K PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Darknet A vendor under the name “SunTzu583” listed 640,000 PlayStation user accounts on TheRealDeal marketplace. Unlike many database dumps, these accounts landed on the darknet, fully decrypted and in plaintext. SunTzu583 never explained where the accounts came from but said the username and password combo worked with PlayStation-related activities. The plaintext ... Read More »

Research Reveals Australia is an Emerging Leader in Darknet Markets

According to research presented at the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Conference this month, Australia is only second to the Netherlands in the number of darknet market vendors per capita. There are a higher number of vendors from Australia on darknet markets when it comes to global trade of drugs, especially methamphetamine. These vendors account for over a quarter of ... Read More »

City Ceases Darknet Machine Learning Project

In October 2016, the Boston Police Department filed a request for access to software and technology that raised a minor difference in the community. Technically, the Boston Police Department filed a Request for Proposals. As suggested by the name, the Department requested proposals from outside security organizations and individuals In an email, Police Chief William Evans explained the RFP as ... Read More »

Darknet Money Launderer Sentenced to Eight Months Imprisonment

George Cottrell, a man DeepDotWeb covered extensively with respect to the criminal case, received his formal sentencing in early March. In December, 2016, Cottrell pleaded not-guilty to 20 charges out of the 21-count indictment. The charges centered around fraud in general. However, money laundering charges made an appearance too. He pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and managed ... Read More »

Darknet Data Broker Sold 95,000 Coachella Accounts on the Darknet

Data breaches are far from uncommon in the day and age we live in, yet some are more eye-catching than others. For instance, a self-described “Data Broker” listed 950,000 Coachella user accounts on a darknet marketplace. Database breaches and the darknet go hand-in-hand; hackers have an anonymous platform to distribute their stolen data. Mainly, based on the number of people ... Read More »

MacOS RAT Spotted on the Darknet and Clearnet

Long gone are the days that Mac OS users can legitimately claim that malware only affects Windows machines. Malware in general spreads through our lives, daily. New pieces of malicious software appear daily too. Usually Windows machines and isolated browsers are the target but Apple’s Macintosh line is not exempt. As a testament to this statement, researchers found a new ... Read More »


Cyber-Crime and Criminal Opportunities Across the Darknet

The recent technological advancements including the ever evolving internet, e-commerce mobile apps, innovative information technologies, social media and big-data predictive analytics have totally transformed the way we live our lives, whether at work or at home. We now communicate with each other via texting; we shop, date and bank online and we can work remotely from the comfort of our ... Read More »

In-Depth Correlation Analysis of IDS Alerts for Tracing Potential Attackers on Darknet

The darknet represents an essential part of the internet whose monitoring can predict the current global trends of cyber crime and analyze the magnitude and techniques of various malicious online activities. Given the fact that darknet websites are not hosted on conventional internet servers, the incoming darknet data packets usually do not include a payload. Accordingly, it is almost impossible ... Read More »