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Mobile Messenger Co-Founder Arrested For Drug Dealing

The self-described “serial entrepreneur” Shaun Collopy and his partner in crime Gary Cooley are awaiting to be sentenced in June by the District Court of Australia on drug-trafficking charges. Collopy was a computer science student in the 2000s when he ran into success with a series of start-up companies that handle SMS services. One would say that his successfulness peaked ... Read More »

Alphabay Drug Vendor Shansa Arrested

31-year-old (not named by authorities) Viennese man, better known as Shansa on the dark web, was busted by the Bundeskriminalamt (BK) on 13 October 2015. Authorities seized 2.8 kg of amphetamines, 1 kilogram of ecstasy, cocaine, LSD blotters and various kinds of research drugs (RCs) in the dealer’s house. Police also found illegal guides on the man’s computer along with ... Read More »

Bitcoin Ramping Up Drug Trade In Russia?

Bitcoin is becoming more known for criminal activity these days; especially when it comes to dealing and trafficking drugs. It could be because it is the only anonymous pay platform to date, or the simple fact that its online, and safer than dealing with cash. The Russian Federal Drug Control Service says that the ever growing Bitcoin use is a ... Read More »

Two German Brothers Sentenced For Drug Trafficking

Two brothers (30 and 32 years old) from Fürth Germany (who were not named by the law enforcement authorities and court), were sentenced to 4 years of prison for drug trafficking. According to court documents, the brothers used dark net marketplaces, including Silk Road, to order speed, cannabis and ecstasy, then they resold the drugs on the street (they also ... Read More »

Interview With Sean Penn Lead To Drug Lord El Chapo’s Capture

The Sinaloa Cartel kingpin, Joaquin ”El Chapo” Guzmán, has been captured by the law enforcement authorities after months of hiding, following his unbelievable escape that happened 6 months ago. Before the drug lord’s capture, movie star Sean Penn was making an interview with El Chapo at his hiding place in the mountains. According to a Mexican official, the actor’s encounter ... Read More »

2014 Was The Worst Year In Drug Overdose Fatalities According To CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the leading national public health institute of the United States, conducted a report, in which they found out that 2014 was the worst year in drug overdose deaths in the US. According to them, ”things are apparently spiraling out of control” and currently, there’s a ”drug death epidemic” in the ... Read More »

Two Drug Dealers Busted In India

The brothers, Mayank Kumar Sahu (22) and Piyush Kumar Sahu (20) were arrested by Central Crime Service (CCS) investigators and task force detectives in Hyderabad, India. The two men allegedly sold drugs they bought from the dark web, more precisely, from the Nucleus Marketplace. During the police bust on Wednesday, the law enforcement authorities seized around 100 LSD blotters. The ... Read More »

PSA: The DNMAvengers Harm Reduction and Drug Testing Forum

Provided by the forum admins: For those of you who don’t know it, The DNMAvengers started as a subreddit but moved over to an .onion.market forum recently. We are a forum dedicated to harm reduction and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets. We run on community donations and aim to democratize drug testing by allowing users to ... Read More »

Coleraine Man Busted For Running Drug Ring In Northern Ireland

Richard Sinclair (32) and Kyle Hall (25), have been arrested for selling drugs. The police think that Sinclair was the ”mastermind” of the operation, he was running most of it. According to the police, the international drug dealer had a gambling problem. His defense counsel, Michael Boyd, has stated that the gambling problem could be the cause of the whole ... Read More »

Doxxing or informing; the DNM Drug Dealer’s only Coercive Tool

Even having the capacity to go about doxxing one’s clients is, as I discussed in my most recent article, a gross breach of the rules by which DNMs live – if the clients can’t trust that the vendor will delete their data, they’re going to be disinclined to use markets at all. It was a rule strongly established in the ... Read More »

MXE: The Wonder Drug

The term “wonder drug”‘s definition is; “a drug, usually recently discovered or developed, noted for its startling curative effect, as an antibiotic or sulfa drug”. This definition usually would lead one to think that the World Health Organisation’s Essential Drug List would be made up solely of wonder drugs. This is, however, invariably wrong. Some of them may be classified ... Read More »

Reflections on the Global Drug Survey view on Dark Net Markets

The recent release of the Global Drugs Survey, which it is claimed “was the biggest survey of current drug use ever conducted”, covered all aspects of the drug world, whether your poison is a pint, a pack of smokes, or something more nefarious. In addition, the report has highlighted issues as far as shopping on dark net markets versus shopping ... Read More »

Hunt Underway on Drug Crew operating on the Darknet

Translation of the article is published here. Was posted on /r/darknetmarkets by /u/23023203: I think we missed this article because it is behind a soft pay wall: Hunt underway on Drug crew operating on the Darknet http://www.telegraaf.nl/digitaal/23950163/__Jacht_op_drugsbende_met_online_verkoop__.html Picture of the Article: http://i.imgur.com/zObBHKL.png Source in Dutch: http://paste2.org/KhfV5peC Very short summary: Postal distribution center and UPS in the area intercepted several packages ... Read More »