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Canada to Spend $1 Billion of Federal Budget on Fighting Cyber Crime

Cyber attacks grabbed the headlines last year when hackers launched an attack to compromise the data of computers in over 100 countries. Lurk and Wannacry created by FSS became a big thing in the cyberspace stealing data department. Canada was one of the many countries that remained a target for cyber operations. Not folding their arms to witness another attack, ... Read More »

Is Unsupervised Machine Learning the Next Step in Fighting Fraud?

Once the era of Internet privacy concern set in, hackers and and their adversaries—security researchers—began examining invasion breaches as they occurred. In a very tongue-in-cheek phrase, the “cat and mouse” game showed a serious advantage towards the hackers. Modern technology started changing this for both the threat actor and defensive entity, but upcoming technology may force a role reversal. Antivirus ... Read More »

Internet detectives are looking specifically for child porn exchange exchanges on the Internet and try to identify victims and offenders.

German Authorities Fighting Against Child Porn

The spread of child pornographic content on the internet has always been a big issue law enforcement authorities in the world had to cope with. Like many countries already, including the United States and Australia, Germany is waging a war against online pedophiles. After the incident in the Diocese of Limburg, Germany, authorities in the country started to turn more ... Read More »

British PlayPen Member Prosecuted After Nearly a Year of Fighting the Case

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2015, took control of PlayPen, one of the largest darknet child pornography websites. PlayPen members, one-by-one, were identified and prosecuted worldwide. Newcastle Crown Court, after notably lengthy proceedings, finalized the sentencing of another PlayPen member—Steven Archer. Archer was another PlayPen member identified by the police in 2015. Like many of the accused, Archer fought ... Read More »

Irishman Fighting Extradition to U.S. for His Part in Silk Road

The U.S. Government and Microsoft are squaring off with each other now over an Irishman wanted by the FBI. The Irishman, Gary Davis, from Wicklow (a.k.a Silk Road Admin Libertas) is currently fighting an extradition case to the United States in order to not face charged for is alleged involvement in Silk Road. Davis is said to have been another ... Read More »

Attorney Still Fighting In Washington State Playpen Case

The child pornography suspect busted in Washington state told the federal judge presiding over the case that the prosecutors need to put fourth some evidence or give up the fight. Colin Fieman, Jay Michaud’s attorney, had argued that the prosecutors have to provide his client and himself access to the source code used in the FBI’s NIT. Thus far the ... Read More »