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Safe Messaging Options for Linux and Android

We live in an ever-changing technological world, and with all the constant revelations of government snooping upon private communications such as our texts, phone calls, and instant messenger chats, one thing that many people who want to keep their communications private can learn from is safe, encrypted messenger applications. Some mobile systems and applications come with end-to-end encryption, such as ... Read More »

Installing VMware Player in Linux (Tutorial)

In this article, I will be showing you how to install the latest version of Vmware Player on a Linux Distro. For the tutorial I will be using Ubuntu, in particular Ubuntu Mate. I choose Vmware Player over Oracles Virtual Box, due to a number of reasons including simplicity and performance. Navigate to the official Vmware website which currently is ... Read More »

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA’s SSH Hacks for Windows and Linux

WikiLeaks has released new documents in their Vault 7 series of leaks exposing the CIA’s hacking tools. The new documents cover tools that the CIA uses to hack the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic protocol. SSH allows users to securely access other computers remotely over an unsecured network. Two exploits that allow the CIA to capture and exfiltrate SSH credentials are ... Read More »

6 More Linux Distros for the Truly Paranoid

  Previously, on Deepdotweb: I recommended five Linux distros you should check out in the article A Few Linux Distros For Dark Web Explorers. So, I was asked to write a “sequel,” and as you probably know, it’s a challenge to make a sequel as good as the original. Nonetheless, there are a lot more Linux operating systems out there, ... Read More »

Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II

Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II – Link to part 1 Configuring TCP/IP Settings At the end of the last article we left off with standing up your server on the internet using Dynamic DNS. The next major item to address would be “port forwarding” or NAT (Network Address Translation); however if occurred to me that I can’t make ... Read More »

A Few Linux Distros for Dark Web Explorers

Those who know what they’re doing on the dark web generally say that using Tor, by itself, is not enough to protect you. Traffic analysis and other methods have been used to de-anonymize users numerous times. While using a VPN is also helpful, security experts frequently recommend using Linux distros for additional privacy. That being said, it’s also a frequent ... Read More »

A comparison of secure Linux installs: Tails and LPS

There’s many lengths one can go to when it comes to operation security or personal privacy. One of the safest and best options for keeping your data safe is running an intentionally secure Linux distribution. There’s two main players in this line of operating systems: Tails and LPS. Tails is known everywhere, but LPS has been generating a significant amount ... Read More »

Build a Cheap Linux Server

Part I: Building & Preparing My professional expertise is generally limited to all things Network, however I dabbled in other areas in school and continue to dabble in my free time at home. I have always taken an interest in different Operating Systems and how they compare to each other; so once I got over Darwin and its proprietary everything ... Read More »

Guide: Anonymity and Privacy for Advanced Linux Users

All Credits go to beac0n, thanks for contacting us and contributing the guide you created! As people requested – here is a link to download this guide as a PDF. Intro The goal is to bring together enough information in one document for a beginner to get started. Visiting countless sites, and combing the internet for information can make it ... Read More »

Basic Guide to PGP On Linux

Full credit goes to MLP_is_my_OPSEC for writing this tutorial – Thanks for publishing  and giving us your permission to post it! Part 0 – Introduction I promised it, and here it is! The PGP guide for Linux! Great timing too for Moronic Monday. For this guide we’ll be using GnuPG with Gnu Privacy Assistant as a graphical front-end. We will ... Read More »