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Canadian Man Arrested in U.S. Grandma Scams

A man admitted he laundered more than $800,000 in a “grandparent scam” that fooled  U.S. seniors into sending money to young relatives that thought were in trouble, was sentenced Thursday to four and a half years in federal prison. Stephan Moskwyn,33, a Canadian citizen, has been incarcerated  since October. Moskwyn plead guilty to a money laundering charge in Miami federal ... Read More »

Gladstone Man Facing Jail For Possessing Ice

Buddy Lipczynski (26) from Gladstone, has been arrested by police for possessing 1.9 grams of methylamphetamine (meth/ice). The man was on suspended jail sentence since he pleaded guilty last August to possession of a document on a flash drive that held instructions on the manufacturing of methylamphetamine. Lipcynski has stood before court several times for multiple drug-related charges and for ... Read More »

Bronx Man Busted By Shelter Island Police

Fred J. Conforto (41), a Bronx man, was arrested on felony drug charges by the Shelter Island Police Department in a joint action with other law enforcement authorities. He is now in custody and awaits his trial by the Shelter Island Justice Court. Conforto was charged with three counts of the criminal sale of controlled substances and was held at ... Read More »

Wendelstein Man Facing Court For Ordering Drugs From Dark Web

Franz K. (26), from Wendelstein, is facing charges for ordering several different drugs from dark net markets, such as hash, marijuana, and even viagra. According to the Swabach District Court, the amount of the illegal substances were around 203 grams and were delivered to the man by the German postal service. The man watched a documentary about the dark web, ... Read More »

Bury Man Jailed for Trying to Buy Handgun At Service Station

Montgomery Richard Kyle Byrne (31) from Bury was busted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) when he attempted to hand over £1,300 to buy a Glock pistol and 300 rounds of ammunition at a motorway service station. Byrne has been sentenced for up to 6 years of prison at Birmingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to to nine firearms offences, ... Read More »

Nottingham Man Jailed For Attempting To Buy A Gun From Dark Web

Harry Woodward (21), of Church Street, Newark, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for an attempt to purchase a handgun, which cost roughly £1,100, from a dark net market (which has not been named by the court). The man said he needed the gun for self-defense in case of a terror attack, describing by his own words he ... Read More »

Montgomery Man Sentenced To Prison For Selling Weapons On Dark Net

Michael Albert Focia (48) of Montgomery, Alabama was sentenced for 51 months of jail time for dealing with firearms without a license and two counts of selling guns to customers who were outside the State of Alabama, according to George L. Beck, Jr., United States Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. We have already written an article about Focia. ... Read More »

Gorseinon Man Jailed For Possessing Illegal Weapons

Jeffrey Paul Lloyd, a Gorseinon man, was jailed for six years for possessing an arsenal of illegal weapons that had been found in his home during a raid in March. The law enforcement authorities have discovered a handcrafted pipe gun, a cache of ammunition and illegal pepper spray. Lloyd stated that he bought the weapons from Agora Marketplace (from the ... Read More »

Man Jailed For 30 Months For Exchanging CP On Dark Net Sites

Joel Morter (25) has been jailed for using dark web CP (child porn) websites for exchanging under-aged sex media and for making under-aged girls strip off naked in front of a webcam. When police have raided Morter’s house they found him at his computer reading child abuse stories online. Law enforcement authorities have found 919 child porn related content, including ... Read More »

Grimsby Man Jailed For Selling Ketamine On DNMs

Alex Middleton (20), living in Grimsby in the UK, has been jailed for 2 years and 4 months for selling Ketamine on Silk Road 2 under the vendor name MaximusDecimus. He sold the drugs worldwide, most of his customers were from the UK, United States, Germany and Canada. He had pretty good stealth, he disguised his packages as ”sea vegetable ... Read More »

Staten Island Man Busted For Using Multiple Darkweb CP Websites

Luis Escobosa, a man (his age and home community were disclosed by federal authorities) living in Staten Island, NY, has been caught on an ongoing federal investigation for accessing and using multiple child pornography websites. The court documents describe that Escobosa was a member of multiple CP sites, one of them is described as “Website A”, the other is “Playpen”. ... Read More »

Coleraine Man Busted For Running Drug Ring In Northern Ireland

Richard Sinclair (32) and Kyle Hall (25), have been arrested for selling drugs. The police think that Sinclair was the ”mastermind” of the operation, he was running most of it. According to the police, the international drug dealer had a gambling problem. His defense counsel, Michael Boyd, has stated that the gambling problem could be the cause of the whole ... Read More »

Australian Man Accused Of Running An International Child Porn Ring

There have been quite some events regarding child pornography. If you can remember, there was a case when the FBI has busted a large CP website that had around 215.000 users. Also, there has been a pretty weird case on a child pornography domain where the site admin has set up a system (crowdfunding platform) that allows members to mine ... Read More »

Libertas: US seeks extradition of Wicklow man over ‘Silk Road’

Wicklow man was an administrator of the Silk Road website which offered anonymity to those both selling and buying items including illegal drugs and hacking software. Gary Davis (Note: Alleged Silk road admin Libertas), aged 27, of Johnstown Court, Kilpedder, Co Wicklow, is wanted for trial by US authorities on charges of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to commit computer ... Read More »