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Member of Connecticut Opioid Ring Sentenced to 10 Years

A Connecticut man will spend 10 years in prison for participating in a fentanyl distribution conspiracy. The dealer, 32-year-old Jared McBriarty of Bristol, Connecticut, worked with at least two other Connecticut men to import fentanyl, ecstasy, and alprazolam from a darknet vendor in China, court officials said. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and one ... Read More »

Darknet Opioid Ring Suspect to Stay in Jail Until Trial

Drew Wilson Crandall, an alleged member of a Utah-based darknet opioid ring, must wait for an upcoming trial from behind bars, U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball ruled in late November. A grand jury had previously indicted Crandall and five co-conspirators for their roles in an international drug trafficking organization. Crandall allegedly helped Aaron Michael Shamo rise as a successful darknet ... Read More »


Drug overdose is a problem in many countries in the world today. Despite the policies formulated to eradicate these drugs from the street, there seems to be an alternate platform where drug dealers use to get illicit drugs to their customers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has therefore taken a proactive measure through the collaboration with the China’s Ministry ... Read More »

Today’s Opioid Culture

For thousands of years opiates have been used in many different contexts. Going back to the pre-biblical times, Opium was used as a healing remedy, an anesthetic, ritual purposes and just to get high. During the 15th century opium use was widespread in China and then in the 18th century the British came in and used their opium habits to ... Read More »