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Police Log IPs, Making Arrest By Planting Own Nodes In Freenet

Law enforcement authorities have been planting their own nodes to Freenet in order to track down cyber criminals on the network. Freenet is an anonymous P2P network, which routes traffic using multiple nodes to hide the location of the users when they share files. Freenet is, by the way, often quoted by the media as part of the dark web ... Read More »

Canadian Police To Seize Contraband In Mail

In Ottawa, several police chiefs have asked for permission to seize illegal contents that arrive in the mail. The current policy mail seizure is that law enforcement authorities can only put their hands on the contraband when the package actually have arrived at the recipient. The current policy is not-so-efficient if we look the issue from the eyes of LE, ... Read More »

Canadian Federal Police To Develop Deep Web Crawler

The Canadian Police is investing in the development of a specific software that will search and monitor the darknet for the most hidden content and services (which is, of course, highly illegal). The funding for the brand new deep web crawler is just a part of the Canadian government’s program. The funding source for the software is the Canadian Safety ... Read More »

Italian police Bust “Babylon” Dark Web Market

Italian police have shut down a Dark Web marketplace offering illegal goods ranging from child pornography to forged luncheon vouchers, and seized 11,000 bitcoin wallets worth about 1 million euros, authorities said Friday. Officials compared the marketplace discovered by “Operation Babylon” to the Silk Road online black market that was taken down by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in ... Read More »

German Police And The FBI Arrests 40-year-old DarkNet Buyer

Police press release – From the news As it was translated and posted by fu2rndue395ngk9s9 on Reddit: Würzburg. A 40-year-old had a roaring trade with all kinds of illegal narcotics since the end of 2012 . The drugs he ordered over the Internet. In April clicked the handcuffs on the man. Acquiring more than four kilograms of amphetamine among others ... Read More »

Swiss Police Seize Bot Used To Buy Drugs On The Deep Web

Recently many reports appeared about An automated bot called the “Random Darknet Shopper” that was programmed to buy random products from the Dark Net Markets (From Agora, if to be more accurate) as part of an art exhibit in Switzerland. Once a week the bot went on a shopping spree on the Agora marketplace buying random products, some of which ... Read More »

US Police Detective Gets Hit By CryptoWall – Pays $500 BTC Ransom

Yesterday, the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office said one of their detectives’ computer were infected with ransomware. The ransomware, which brands itself as CryptoWall, encrypted files on the detective’s computers and demanded 500 dollars of Bitcoin to decrypt the files. Autopsy reports, witness statements and crime scene photographs were some of the files held hostage by the virus The police department’s ... Read More »

Utopia Marketplace Seized by Dutch Police – 5 Arrested

Update 2: 5 People Arrested for running utopia and the sale of Drugs, Weapon and ammunition: Police also seized 900 bitcoins, worth about £363,000 or $610,900.  The Dutch authorities said their operation – codenamed Commodore – sent out a message that no-one was “untouchable” on Tor.Two Dutch men, aged 30 and 31, alleged to have run the service had also been ... Read More »