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Cocaine Filled Greeting Cards Shut Down Brisbane Police Station

In Brisbane, Australia, two greeting cards managed to shut down an entire police station. The building was evacuated and a 50 meter exclusion zone was set up. Anthrax, a potent biological weapon, was suspected to be inside the greeting cards. When an unidentified Australian man looked through his mail, he was surprised with two greeting cards. He was surprised once ... Read More »

Police Recruit Another Canine Who Sniffs Out USB Drives

A young black Labrador is the police’s latest recruit to a new, highly specialized form of investigation. The puppy, named URL, is trained to sniff out electronic devices during police searches. URL hunts down USB drives by the scent of chemical compounds emitted by the device. Another black Labrador named Bear – one of only nine dogs certified to sniff ... Read More »

Police Push For a Law Requiring Canadians to Give Up Their Passwords

At the organization’s annual news conference on the 16th of August, The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) passed a resolution that calls for a law allowing the police to force people to provide law enforcement with their computer passwords. CTV spoke with RCMP Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver after the conference where he explained that under current Canadian laws, ... Read More »

South Australian Police: New Campaign Against Internet Drug Sales

Four South Australian men, their ages ranging from 23 to 32, were arrested in August under various drug charges in connection with a new campaign by the South Australia Police to curb sales of controlled substances over the internet. According to the Department’s Serious and Organized Crime Branch, who are responsible for drug cases and will be leading the new ... Read More »

Police Intercept Package in Mail Containing 1kg of Carfentanil

A news conference held by the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) explains the details on how an intercepted package of carfentanil has led to charges laid against a Calgary man. The conference, held on the 9th of August, let the public know that CBSA agents confiscated the package at the Vancouver International Mail Centre en route to Alberta ... Read More »

South Australian Police to Start Using FBI-Like Facial Recognition Software

In what will be used to fight crime and find missing persons, South Australian police forces will be beginning the use of facial recognition technology by late October. Police Minister Peter Malinauskas made an announcement on Monday that an Australian technology company, NEC Australia, had been awarded the $780,000 contract. NEC will be building software that can scan faces from ... Read More »

Intel, Kaspersky, Netherlands Police and Europol Teams Up To Take Down Ransomware

The European Police Agency announced on Monday they join forces with Kaspersky, Intel and the Netherlands Police to stop the growth of ransomware. The joint group launched a website online called “No More Ransom” to help inform the public about the dangers of ransomware and help victims recover their data without having to pay to the attackers. According to a ... Read More »

Police in Punjab Investigating It’s First Related BTC Crime

Police in Punjab are investigating their first ever case involving Bitcoin. Unfortunately, it also involves financial fraud data being purchased on the darknet. A group of four, two Punjab residents and two residence of the US stole Rs 1.2-crore worth of US Dollars using stole credit card data bought on darknet. Bitcoin was used to buy the information they used, ... Read More »

How Police Infiltrated a Darknet Forum to Hunt Down Pedophiles

In 2015, we wrote about how a taskforce known as Argos, started focusing on hunting down pedophiles on the deepweb. Argos was not entirely composed of police officers – among the employed were IT specialists, hackers, and detectives. The agents had had to see thousands and thousands of what the head of Argos, Jon Rouse, describes as absolutely unbelievable, horrifying ... Read More »

Hacker Leaks Personal Details Of 5400 Spanish Police Officers

A hacker associated with Anonymous leaks a data dump, which appears to contain the personal details of around 5,400 members of the Spanish Police. The released information contains full names, email addresses, hashed passwords and national ID numbers. A police investigation just started about the case since a cybercriminal had successfully breached the website of Mutual Social Security Police (mupol.es). ... Read More »

German Police Arrests User Who Bought Weed On Silk Road Years Ago

An unnamed German user of the former Silk Road Marketplace and Outlaw Marketplace had been fined over €3,000 for ordering cannabis 17 times from dark net marketplaces. According to independent researcher Gwern Branwen, who the buyer just contacted, the customer’s 17 purchases varied from 1.5 and 7.4 grams of cannabis and the time frame when the purchases took place was ... Read More »

Police Say Fentanyl Bust Has Ties To Dark Net

A major fentanyl distribution operation was busted up on Thursday in Connecticut. The operation is believed to have ties to the Dark Net. Connecticut police arrested nine people and took 2 ½ kilos of fentanyl, two kilos of MDMA, 50,000 counterfeit Xanax pills, 40 pounds of marijuana, two guns, and $500,000 in cold hard cash. Ongoing investigations have led police ... Read More »

Hacker Teach How He Hacked Spain’s Catalan Police Union Website

The dark web has become synonymous with hacking, a day doesn’t go by when a white/grey/black hat hacker has completed a hack, and highlighted security issues, or dumped another database with a trove of valuable secrets displayed across various underground forums or dark net markets. The latest hacker to enter the fray is Phineas Fisher, who shot to fame when ... Read More »