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Fraudster Sentenced for Stolen ID Shopping Spree

A suspicious invoice for a limited edition rum worth almost $2,000 started an investigation that led to the arrest and recent sentencing of a man from Lucerne, Switzerland for several charges of identity theft and fraud. The man, investigators discovered as they investigated a trail of identity thefts and fake identities, had been purchasing stolen identities on the darknet as ... Read More »

Melbourne Man Pleads Guilty To Credit Card Shopping Scam

At the end of 2014, a Melbourne man was arrested in Australia for taking part in a darknet shopping scam involving stolen credit cards. Now, as he was standing trial, he confessed to some of the charges against him. According to the court information, the 36-year-old Tanmoy Islam was an active member of the darknet community. The defendant met “Mr ... Read More »


Shopping Kills

  Perhaps there was other things that the guy had issues about, but it is shopping that squeezed the trigger. It is an unfortunate incident to die over Christmas shopping, and definitely unnecessary. Could have just gone home himself, if it was that stressful for him. A good thing for the ladies to note too, guys can’t handle shopping that ... Read More »