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Austria Urges The Netherlands To Shut Down Drug Laboratories

The Netherlands, according to the Austrian Interior Minister, is not doing a good enough job in the two countries cooperation in the fight against narcotics. The interior minister urges the closure of laboratories in the Netherlands that are used for the production of drugs, such as ecstasy and methamphetamine, which are then shipped to the United States and other European ... Read More »

Cocaine Filled Greeting Cards Shut Down Brisbane Police Station

In Brisbane, Australia, two greeting cards managed to shut down an entire police station. The building was evacuated and a 50 meter exclusion zone was set up. Anthrax, a potent biological weapon, was suspected to be inside the greeting cards. When an unidentified Australian man looked through his mail, he was surprised with two greeting cards. He was surprised once ... Read More »

Israel To Shut Down Its “Anti Drugs Authority” & Fire Everyone

In a surprising turn of event and after 27 years of operation – The Israeli government has decided to shut down its “Anti Drugs Authority” (The somewhat parallel of USA’s NIDA and of the DEA in some minor aspects) – Its leading organization for the “war against drugs ” and fire everyone who worked there according to the Israeli “Cannabis ... Read More »