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DOJ Introduces Dark Web Team to Fight Illegal Drug Trade

With the rate of dark web usage increasing every now and then, there is serious concern about a strong and concrete plan or solution to put a stop to it. Well, many have tried to do that over the years, with various firms teaming up to fight this dark web battle but to no avail. The numbers still keep racking ... Read More »

Interpol and Cisco Team Up to Fight Cybercrime

On November 20, Cisco and Interpol took a step forward in their battles against cybercrime by forming a partnership that will see them intensify the fight against cybercrime. According to Cisco’s statement the alliance will see the two organizations develop a coordinated and focused approach to data sharing. This not only will allow for quick threat detection around the world, ... Read More »


Former Vendor’s Records Used to Catch Father and Son Darknet Team

On August 23, multiple federal agencies announced the arrests of Michael and Philip Luciano for fentanyl and oxycodone distribution on Alphabay, a defunct darknet marketplace. The father-son team sold on Alphabay under the name “Zane61,” the court documents revealed. From as early as February 2016, “Zane61” was a registered Alphabay account. The duo sold through the account until July 2017 ... Read More »

Alphabay Market Release “ScamWatch” – New Anti-Scam Team

Alphabay market admins just introduced new feature that will hopefully help to reduce the amount of scams on the market, taken from their forum thread. Source: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion.sale/forum/index.php?threads/new-anti-scam-team.17512/#post-143050 The Alphabay SCAMWATCH Team 1) Our newest feature which allows top community members to work alongside AlphaBay Staff to clean scammers in a fast manner to give you, the user, an unparallel positive ... Read More »

Is The Bitcoin Dev Team Serious About Anonymity?

When people think about innovation in the anonymity of crypto-currencies, very rarely do people think about Bitcoin, as a source for that. Many people are looking at various Altcoins (crypto-currency alternatives to Bitcoin) for crypto-currency anonymity, like Darkcoin, Anoncoin, and Monero. People have pushed Bitcoin aside, not even considering it a competitor but do the people behind Bitcoin’s development have ... Read More »

Team JacobHulk

Team JacobHulk!

Inviting you to meet the new Team JacobHulk! For those days when you just don’t want your man to turn into a wolf man, you can now have a JacobHulk instead! Read More »