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Welfare Office Allegedly Ignored All Warning Signs in Freiburg Abuse Case

Amidst an ongoing child abuse case in Freiburg where the child’s mother admitted to allowing pedophiles from the darknet to meet and rape her nine-year-old son, officials started looking at the role (or lack thereof) played by the youth welfare office in Germany. The boy’s mother—who recently admitted communicating with pedophiles in darknet chat rooms for the sole purpose of ... Read More »

Dutch Police Arrest One Hansa Buyer in Warning Campaign

Although police in the Netherlands visited the homes of 37 users of the defunct Hansa market in January, they only made a single arrest. The operation, a so called ‘knock-and-talk‘ campaign, served as a threat to some Hansa buyers: more arrests may follow. The buyers who ordered personal amounts of drugs may have dodged a bullet this time, according to ... Read More »

French Minister Issues Nationwide Warning on Cyberattacks, Major Infrastructure Providers in Trouble

Earlier this week, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian issue a nationwide warning on cyberattacks, stating that major civil infrastructure providers including electricity, water, transport and telecommunication firms may face security issues in the near future. The announcement of Le Drian came after the Ministry of Defense of France reported that it effectively prevented and blocked over 24,000 external attacks ... Read More »

Dark Web Security Firm Warning Islamic State Becoming Sophisticated

Flashpoint Intelligence, a security startup specializing in studying parts of the dark web, says Islamic State attackers are learning to do more to US websites than just vandalizing and DDoSing their home pages. The previous ISIS attacks on US domains were relatively unsophisticated, however, according to the security firm’s report, it may not stay that way forever. Alex Kassirer, terrorism ... Read More »

Warning: Fentanyl Being Sold As Heroin On DNMS

Provided by Doctor X & “International Drug Testing Service from Energy Control which in collaboration with ASUD and TechnoPlus, has recently analyzed heroin samples (nº3, for smoking and nº4 intranasal/intravenous). We have been informed that these samples were delivered through Deep Web Marketplaces and offered from Europe (big sellers from France and Belgium). In April 2015, in Belgium, a young ... Read More »

Warning: New Malicious JS Using CSRF exploit via PM’s On Agora

Several users of Agora Marketplace have reported receiving an message trough their PM system today, that when opened contains a malicious java script exploit that attempt to drain the Bitcoins from their wallets: When clicked, the link attempts to execute malicious JS code using CSRF on agora in order to steal users fund from Agora’s wallet as well as changing ... Read More »

Warning: More Onion Cloner Phishing Scams

No, its not new, but another round of “onion cloner” phishing scam is going around that will not only log your user and password but you cookies as well when you are logged into markets, this is the recent info as it was provided to us by Alphabay admin “DS”: Original warning link on the forum: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion.sale/forum/index.php?threads/warning-phishing-links.4414/ Thanks to DS ... Read More »

Warning: Evolution Market Withdrawal Issues

Updates will be added to this tag: #Evoscam For the past 24 we had several report about Withdrawal issues on Evolution marketplace with BTC not being sent at all arriving after 18  – 24 hours. The only update from evolution admins was posted yesterday by Kimble, saying: “I’m very sorry about the delays. There’s currently a backlog on withdrawals as ... Read More »

Warning: Fentanyl Being Sold As Oxycodone

Warning! Vendor named “Dbaggins” is selling Fentanyl pills As Oxycodone –  Reddit user submitted a pill to be analyzed and this is the result: So I submitted dbaggin’s “oxycodone” to ecstacydata.org for analysis.. Note — to save money I had to say it was sold as MDMA..(its a $60.00 difference) Here are the results… http://www.ecstasydata.org/view.php?id=3476 Soo yeah…stay away.. Link to ... Read More »

Warning: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals not working! (#3)

Update 6 – 30.11.14 – Multiple reports are claiming that the issues are fixed now! Update 5 – 29.11.14 – Agora is still experiencing significant delays in deposits, but withdrawals are now working fine. Update 4 – 26.11.14: Update from Agora posted as a reply to a PM: There has been a growing backlog of transactions as people rush to ... Read More »

Warning: Fake “DeepDotWeb Announcement” By a Failed Market Owner

One of the biggest Dark Net Market fails ever, Cantina market, is planning a comeback, you can read the background here: Cantina Marketplace PWND: Admin Password was: “Password1″ ?! Sheep Marketplace, Is that you Again?! – Cantina Marketplace Hopefully this time they fail before even launching anything, since this time: They will be using scraped fake pages with similar look ... Read More »

Warning: PMMA Sold As Red/Blue Hearts 130mg MDMA Pills

Thanks to the user who published the results and thanks to the user who pointed this out in the comments here – The vendor “Gargamella” (Agora/Evolution) has sold Methylone/PMMA Pills. His account has been locked and over 10.000 $ have been refunded to the users.  GARGAMELLA had many other listings. All suspected containing Methylone/PMMA. Such as: “Green Mario Brothers”, “Black ... Read More »

Warning: Bath Salt Sold As Amphetamine Sulfate

Info and test were provided by the buyer: The vendor is “NPH” on Agora marketplace has been caught, reported and proven to be passing off about 75% pure MDPV as “USP Grade Amphetamine Sulphate”.  Image results of a regent test using the substance are at the bottom of this post. As one user reported: Being naive (I’ve been scammed, sure, but ... Read More »